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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 104 – What is PG (Perfect Grade) Gundam? Iron Kong is Huge!

In this episode of Gunpla TV Ryan shows the progress he’s made on his Iron Kong while Syd gives an overview of what the Perfect Grade line is all about. The PG line was actually kicked off with an EVA-01 Test Type but then moved on to become the Gundam kit lineup we know and love today.

Kits featured in this video:

BB Delta Plus
1/144 HG Shaldoll Rogue
1/72 Highend Master Model EZ-015 Iron Kong
1/100 MG Tallgeese I EW
1/100 MG MSN-06S Sinanju Ver. Ka

The Perfect Grade featured in this video is the limited edition 1/60 PG Aile Strike Gundam Clear Ver. which is no longer available. This is just a clear armor version of the excellent 1/60 Perfect Grade Strike Gundam and 1/60 Perfect Grade Skygrasper. Check out the full line-up of Perfect Grade kits here


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Gunpla TV host from the beginning, until 2017. You can keep up with his current gunpla projects at gaijin-gunpla.com.


  1. I your own opinion Mr. Syd what will be the next Perfect grade gundam in the future? =)

  2. Hi Syd, have you built the PG 00 Raiser before? Can it be displayed standing on it’s own two feet like the PG Strike Gundam without needing a display stand?

  3. hey guys thanks for explaining the different grades of kits i wanted to ask if there is anyway to get the rg book that came with the preorder of the rg zeta ? also any tips to build zoids for the first time ? thanks again for taking time out to do this

  4. I’ve tried searching on “gundam real grade book” and didn’t find anything.

  5. I’ve built both the PG Wing Zero Custom, and the PG 00 Raiser, and I have the PG Freedom still in the box. The details on them are amazing and the gimmicks some of them come with really set them apart. They are too expensive and too big to get too many of them, and the weight of the parts limits the posability but I have no regrets about buying the ones I did. On another note if Bandai ever made PG kits for the Xenosaga E.S. mecha I might go broke lol

  6. Thanks Ryan! I’ve added the book to my orders. As for the next Perfect Grade, I *really* hope it’s the Unicorn. I’d like to see them use the scale to prevent removing parts of the head to transform. A true PG version (IMO) would make use of light piping and multiple LEDs for the psycho frame. 🙂

  7. Hello guys, thanks for the fun show!

    Have you ever tried to build a diorama with your Gundams? Have you ever put them next to N-scale (for 1/144 HG kits) or HO scale (for the 1/100 MG kits) buildings?

    I ask, because I would love to build a couple of dioramas, but lack the time to do it from scratch.

  8. Hey guys, good show as always. Loving the Iron Kong, however you’ve put the shoulders on the wrong sides! There are missile pods that should be facing forward instead of the vents and the bracket on the one shoulder should support the cannon.

    Lookin sweet though.

  9. Hey guys, it was a perfect show ;). I’ve got a question though. Would you guys show off the robot damashii sets that come out (or would that be more a Toy Tengoku question)?

  10. Dear Syd & Ryan,
    Thank you for going over the subject of Perfect Grade kits. I’ve been wanting to dive into one. I wish you would have recommended a kit though (one that costs less than 20,000 yen). Actually, I was wondering about the Aile Strike Gundam you have listed on the hlj site. Does it really require glue and paint? Or is that a recommendation?
    Finally, I have a question about Real Grade kits. A while ago I bought a Zaku II and it included a postcard advertising a Blue Zaku I with the RG logo on the corner. Will this be a kit? Or did I mistake it for an HG kit?
    Thanks again and great show.

  11. Hey guys. Great show. I have a question about the weight issue of some of the mg and pg kits. I had built a 1/100 scale nu gundam back almost 20 years ago which had leg frames that were made out of metal. That extra weight in the legs made it very stable even with the funnels on the back pack but it did tend to lean to one side a little bit by the hips. My question is why bandai doesn’t incorporate weighted metal parts anymore to compensate the balance for suits with heavier back packs.

    • That’s a good question, Mike, and unfortunately we can’t speak for Bandai as to why we’re not seeing those die-case parts any more.

  12. Hi Syd and Ryan,

    I do not have a question but i do have a suggestion. Can you guys do a video to recap all gundam kits that was released last year. yes i know its already February but i would love to see you guys make a video like what u guys did in episode 22 & 23. Pretty please? Anyways, great show and keep up the good work guys!

  13. Hi Syd and Ryan,

    Hi from Melbourne Australia, let me start by saying I really like the show. I used to build model planes but that was 20 odd years ago. On a recent trip to Japan, I discovered gunpla and was an instant convert (currently building my first kit, MG Strike Freedom) I’ve learnt a lot by watching the various episodes and tutorials. But I do have a couple questions.

    Q1) Gundam markers with spray paints / top coats… I’ve coloured some parts of my model with Gundam markers, when i went to spray with a gloss top coat (in prep for decals which i’ve ordered) it caused some of the markers to run. Odd thing is, only 1 particular colour ran, the other two colours stayed just fine. Do you have an insight of what’s going on? Was using Tamiya TS clear.

    Q2) Out of all the plastic nippers that HLJ carries, which one would you reccomend? Maybe suggest a few for value of money or quality or top of the line? Is there a difference?

    Thanks for the great work on the videos and I hope you guys keep on going… (that’s what she said)

  14. Hello Syd and Ryan,

    I’m from Thailand. I’ve been building gundam models for a year now. I got into this because I like the engineering parts of building a model-how pieces fit together nicely etc.

    My first MG was RX178 Titan. Now, I’m working on MG RX78-2 Ver 2.0. Enjoy it very much. I’ve been wacthing your shows from episode 1. Great works! Got to know quite a lot about models from you two.

    I am going to Tokyo this April, and could you please recommend the following;

    1. Where can I find the best places to buy some gundam parts (mines are broken MG RX78-2 ver 2.0)? Please suggest one or two locations since I can not order parts from Thailand.

    2. Where would you recommend to buy gundam models in Tokyo? Akihabarra? Are prices different from place to place?

    Thank you for your great show. Keep doing it! “I’ll be watching.”


  15. Great episode Syd and Ryan.

    The RG book looks very very good and I am tempted to get one now along with the mag with the Unicorn Banshee head stand.

    I also like to thank you for the HG AGE-1 plus the Razor kit add on deal. This kit is really great.

    For kicks, Syd and Ryan should speak Japanese for the whole episode and have the video subbed in English. Now and then throw in deliberate mis-translations for fun.

    Would be really really weird.

    Even more funnier is that, you spoke in Japanese first, and then dub over yourselves. hahaha.

  16. Hey Ryan, Hey Syd.

    I noticed a sticker on the upcoming HGUC Banshee Norn that says something about “Premium” that I’ve only seen on one other kit, the HGFC Master Gundam & Fuunsaki. Could you elaborate on what those stickers mean/are?

  17. Hi, Syd and Ryan.
    Thank you for what you’re doing for us!
    I want to ask – when will be announced next Sci-fi competition?
    Because I’m was unable to take part last time, but in the next competition – I want to take a chance!

  18. Hey Syd,

    Along with my previous question, also what model knife do you recommend?


  19. Actually,

    Now that I think about it, why not do a episode about tools and supplies in general?

    Keep up the great work guys.


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