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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 101 – What is HG (High Grade) Gundam? Zoids Iron Kong Unboxing

We start our next 100 episodes by talking about the High Grade line of Gundam kits from Bandai and Ryan takes a peek inside the box of his beloved Iron Kong Zoids kit. We also answer the question “How can I tell if my Gundam kit is an original?”.

Kits featured in this video:

1/144 HG Gundam AGE-FX Burst
1/72 Highend Master Model EZ-015 Iron Kong
1/144 HGUC Hi-Nu Gundam
1/144 HG Extreme Gundam
1/144 HGFC G Gundam
1/144 HGUC MSN-06S Sinanju Titanium Finish
1/144 HGUC MSN-001 Delta Gundam
1/144 HG GPB-06F Super Custom Zaku F2000
1/144 HGUC MS-07B3 Gouf Custom


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Gunpla TV host from the beginning, until 2017. You can keep up with his current gunpla projects at gaijin-gunpla.com.


  1. Hey there guys, long time viewer first time poster. I was just wondering if you guys will ever do a hand painting tutorial or an air brush tutorial? I Started hand painting my kits and while I think I know what I’m doing, having some mroe information is always useful. Anyway, thanks for everything yall do and good luck!

  2. hi guys. Im a new viewer of hobbylinkjapan. and I just want to ask if ever im gonna buy a kit between 1/144 HG Gundam AGE-FX Burst and a 1/144 HGUC Hi-Nu Gundam. what would be cooler in you opinion? tnx and more power guys,

  3. Hi Syd, I’m thinking of buying a master grade RX-78-2 Gundam but hjl.com did present me lots of the kit variations, about six different MG releases of the MS. I like doing panel lines, painting and a lot of detailing. Which one of these would you recommend?

    RX-78-2 Gundam Ver.2.0
    RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. Ka
    RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. One Year War 0079 (PS2 Color)
    RX-78-2 Gundam Ver. One Year War 0079 Animation Color
    RX-78-2 Gundam Ver 1.5
    RX-78-2 Gundam

    ps: did not include the titanium finish, wallet can’t handle the price.

  4. I’d highly recommend HG RX-78-2, GN-00 0 Gundam or even ZMS-10 Zudah for any beginners. For people who is a little more brave, I would recommend Beargguy (<3 Beargguy).

    However, I noticed the recent AGE kit's slightly better in quality and builder friendliness, so I wouldn't hesitate on recommending this to any new comers either. As long as it's not Vegan type suits, new comers should do fine I'd guess.

    Anyway, here's a question, what's your take on the recent MGs? Am still pondering on whether to get MG Aegis (To complete my GAT machines line), Tallgeese or Strike Freedom, myself.

    All I want to do right now is to complete my Wing, Seed and Seed Destiny lineup, which is, a hard choice seeing my wallet shrunk big time ever since I've gone back to school, all whilst trying to get my degree in Nuclear Physics of course.

    Thanks and hope to see you guys in the next episode of Gunpla TV! 🙂

  5. Not all HG are 1/144.
    There is a short lived run of HG 1/100 kits (at least for some of Wing, G, and X)
    The 1/100 HG double X with G Falcon is one of my Favorites. (it’s pretty big for an HG)

  6. Hi, I think this is one of the best episodes. May I know which grade will Syd and Ryan be explaining in their next episode of Gunpla TV? Thanks and keep up with the awesome videos.

    • It’s going to be a “surprise” grade 🙂

  7. Neil, if you care for my opinion on the matter, I’d say, for the most part, look at the different kits and see what appeals to you. The only kits I’d caution you about are the oldest two:
    The MG Gundam (version 1) is a favorite of mine, because I love the way it looks. But it’s the very first Master Grade, and the only MG kit of the Gundam designed by Okawara, who designed the original Gundam. It is not as poseable as a modern Master Grade, there are more seams to deal with, etc. By today’s standards, most people would probably say it’s closer to High Grade than Master Grade.
    The v1.5 is kind of an upgrade to the v1 to make it look more like the Perfect Grade. The legs were all-new, and probably the best part of that kit (the OYW version even reused the inner frame from the v1.5 legs) I think there’s no good reason to choose it over the OYW version at this point.
    Probably the two most popular choices these days are the v2.0 and the OYW. Both the OYW and v2.0 are very poseable kits with full inner frames… The OYW, like the v1.5 before it, is designed to look similar to the PG, but with more surface detail. It continues to be a popular kit, though some lament the fact that it doesn’t have a transforming core fighter like the other kits have. The v2 has a much simpler look intended to be reminiscent of the original anime.
    And the Katoki version has a similar leg frame to the v1.5/OYW – decent poseability overall, not quite the same range of motion as the OYW or v2, but the kit is designed primarily for looks.
    In the end, I’d say that probably you should consider v2.0, ver.Ka, and OYW, and choose between them on the basis of looks. I don’t want to discourage you from going with the v1.0 if you find that you like it, but if it’s a modern Master Grade experience you’re after, that’s not where you’ll find it.

  8. my problem with the HG line is the missing collors on some parts, which my OCD canot accept. is this less present in newer releases? also could you point out the differences between the HG and RG lines as both of them are 144 scale?

  9. I have built the Kshatryia and it is awesome, it could actually put some MGs to shame. However, my favorite HG is the GM because of its almost limitless possibilities for simple or comlpex customizing. AlsoRyan, um, what happened to the Falcon?

  10. Hello Syd and Ryan,

    How can i buy and ship a gunpla kit for a friend that is living in another country then mine? I have tried in the past to ship from HLJ directly to him, but i got stuck at the payment, because paypal won’t pay because of the difference in mailing address.

    Thank you

    • For shipping and payment type questions it is best to email questions@hlj.com, as customer service can give you the most accurate information.

  11. If you’re looking for a suggestion for an HG kit that newcomers might get into, my recommendation is the HG Bearguy. I realize it’s a goofy looking kit, but I feel like that actually works in it’s favor. Also most of the parts are pretty decently sized, so people aren’t overwhelmed with tiny parts to keep track of.

  12. hello syd and ryan i was wondering when are you guys going to have preorders for the rg destiny and also have you guys gotten a list of future rg kits and also i ordered about 2 kits from hlj and im very happy with the way it shipps and the time i get it thank you for all the time the you guys put in the videos and do u guys get paid to make models all day?

    • Sadly, we do not get to make models all day, whatever model work we do, we do at home.

  13. @George

    Thanks, man. I’m more of a custom modder, I like my gunpla well designed or in a diorama.

    I’m torn with my last two choices: the OYW and v2. v2 is really tempting with all the posability it offers and the core fighter is a big plus but it lacks the panel lines, a criteria which I really consider in my kits to make it more realistic after customizing. OYW looks really cool especially the PS2 color, would only require some painting, and weathering, the panel lines are really nice but it has no core fighter included.

    Price wise OYW is a good choice. But still considering of buying the v2 and scribing panel lines onto it but I haven’t done that in any kit before.

  14. i would say the HG unicorn gundam for a starter .. seems good , and since it a white color base , easy to paint into other colors … like mine ,.

  15. The best HG I’ve built is undoubtedly the Gundam X Divider. The colors are beautiful and the kit is so well made that the posability is just plain unbelievable. I’ve gotten mine to do a limbo pose, no joke.

  16. I have been looking forward to your show every week for several months now as it’s always lots of fun. Great job!

    I have an HG question and an MG question for that show (If I may be so greedy). Is there a general difference between the HG and the HGUC categories in terms of quality, number of parts and colours etc.?

    Also, thanks to your show, I have been re-watching Gundam Seed and came across trailers for Gundam F91. Can Syd provide some background on that and more importantly has he had any experience in the MG kit of the F91? I noticed it has not been changed since 2006, but I really like the unique design.

    Thanks dudes from Brian in Toronto

  17. What I’m interested in, that doesn’t come out, or won’t come out as an MG, I get in HG form. Someone mentioned Zudah, which is one of those kits. I don’t have it on my shelf yet but that huuge rifle was a turning point, for me at least. Speaking of shelves, the best HG from what I’ve built so far would be the Beginning Gundam. It was one of those “meh” kits when I saw it for the first few times, but it came on a huge sale droping it’s price for a 70 (or so) % so I eventually went and bought it. I was amazed when I’ve built it. Looks good, articulation’s awesome and just the overal build was fun.

  18. Best grunt unit I can recommend because of its ease and articulation on HG Tieren Ground Type 1/144 scale (even more so on the 1/100 scale version). This kit is probably a good starter for someone who has never built a HG before and is probably alot of peoples first choice when trying to paint their first kit (not as many curved surfaces as a Zaku etc.)

  19. I love strike freedom hg but i wish they would shoe me how to paint the guns because the guns are gray

  20. I am looking to see more painting using gundam marker only cause i have some problem


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