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Fine Molds 1/48th Star Wars Snowspeeder Project Part 2

Fine Molds 1:48th scale Star Wars Snowspeeder

The majority of the work is now done to the Snowspeeder and figures, which had to be heavily modified to replicate as their crashed selves. Notable modifications were made to the Snowspeeder seat, which was a way to cheat Dak’s slumped over positioning, as well as the front of the ‘speeder’s guns and leading edge. This was accomplished with Aves Apoxie Sculpt two-part putty and plastic card stock.

Crashed scene coming together, matching the still from Part I of this build.

The Luke figure was modified using a 1:48th pilot figure from a Tamiya Fairey Swordfish model, so that he could be in the proper pose. Putty was added to the figure in the form of the flak vest, as well as the lower back and buttocks.

Figures in their final poses.

Luke's pose is as close to the sequence in ESB as I could model.

Separating the heads on each pilot proved to be a delicate challenge, so as not to cut away any surrounding details!

Dead slumped over Dak. Poor Dak.

The figures had to be heavily modified.

Dak's underside had to be modified to sit correctly in the seat.

Damage to the speeder matches the 1:1 prop.

After cleaning the primed figures and smoothing the join lines, I will add more putty to finish the detail work (suit straps, etcetera).

After priming, I can see I need more putty and sanding.

Paint work begins very soon, and I hope you enjoyed the latest update!

Jason Eaton.

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  1. Your figures are wonderfully converted, I get so much feels by seeing Dak.

    Please keep us up to date!


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