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Dragon Wagon w / Sherman M4A1

One of my favorite military vehicles is the Dragon wagon, so I was thrilled when Academy released this model a couple of years ago in 1:72.I thought a lot on what to place on top and I figured I’ll go with Dragon’s Sherman M4A1 to show it with black and green camo so that there will be some color variety.

The project includes both models, Eduard’s two PE sets for the Dragon wagon, AB figures Sherman stowage set, CMK figures, and gamecraft miniatures walls and gate. There are also many scartch built details I added to the dragon wagon.

The models where painted in Life color acrylics from their US WWII AFV color set, and Tamiya’s colors for the rest.

It was a wonderful subject to build, and I would love to see more tank transporters in 1:72 from plastic manufacturers.


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  1. nice work! and good detailling.

  2. Love the intricate detailing and the vegetation. Excellent job!

  3. Thank you very much!!

  4. Wow fantastic job. And that kit looks great. I wonder how well it would scale against a gunpla, 1/60 might work.


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