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An Unlikely Action Figure: The Boys’ MAFEX Homelander

Medicom is a renowned manufacturer from Japan that creates action figures & good from some of the world’s most popular geek series. Their MAFEX action figure line is the star player among their product lines: a series of collectibles for adults that are nicely detailed and articulated, without being too expensive.

From Avengers to Star Wars, MAFEX has you covered as an adult action figure collector. And now a rather unusual franchise joins the line: The Boys. Homelander, one of the main characters, is the very first to get a MAFEX line.

The Boys

No spoilers!

The Boys is a DC comic book series — but it doesn’t feel like it. Adapted in 2019 as an Amazon Prime series, the story gives us an eerie glimpse at what superheroes in the real world may look like.

The most famous of all are known as The Seven, and are backed by a powerful talent agency that has turned superheroes into superstars. Like Hollywood, there’s a dark underbelly to the outwardly wholesome world of saving lives.

If you haven’t seen the show, there are two seasons available now on Amazon Prime with a third on the way. It’s a very different take on Superhero stories, and I can’t recommend it enough!


Among The Seven, Homelander is the Captain America-esque good ol’ American hero; the leader of The Seven and easily the most famous. His powers include flight, laser eyes, and super strength, making him the apple of many hero-loving fans’ eyes.

The Action Figure

Medicom has created Homelander with great articulation, so you pull off a variety of familiar poses from the show.

Three detailed heads are included to give any pose that extra oomph. Pick from a stoic expression, a cheerful expression, and an angry laser-eye expression.

It’s worth noting that Homelander’s cape is made of actual cloth, for a more authentic look.

(Also, Homelander himself picked the American flag pattern for his cape!)

MAFEX Homelander stands about 16cm tall, and runs ¥8,800 JPY — but you can preorder him for just ¥8,096 at HobbyLink Japan! Get your order in here — you won’t pay til he’s ready for your order in November!

Are there more characters from the show to come? I sure hope so! Let me know in the comments who you’d like to see the most! (Personally, I have my fingers crossed for The Deep w/ a dolphin…)

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