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hobbylink.tv is a sister site to HobbyLink Japan (www.hlj.com) and is owned and operated by HLJ.

The site’s goal is to provide a permanent home for the multimedia content created by HobbyLink Japan so that users can access it easily later, and also to be a forum between the hobby community and HLJ for communication about our shared passions.

The copyright for all content, except as otherwise specifically indicated or when embedded from other sites, is held by HobbyLink Japan, Inc. and all rights are reserved.  No part of the unique content, including videos, images or text may be copied or used without permission elsewhere in any format.

Questions, comment, requests to reuse content and all other inquiries about hobbylink.tv should be directed to hobbylinktv@hlj.com.

Scott T. Hards
HobbyLink Japan (hlj.com)


  1. I think adding some filter sections to the user submitted area would really help.

    things to sort by that i would personaly like to see

    amount of modifications like if its just out of the box, just a paint job or scratch




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