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About Us

Welcome to hobbylink.tv!

hobbylink.tv is a community of model builders and toy & collectible enthusiasts from around the globe, coming together in one place to share our passions. Build Gundam kits alongside the HLJ team with weekly episodes of Gunpla TV, dive into latest Japanese figure releases with Toy Tengoku, and level up your modelling skills with Boss Builds!

We’re also happy to feature figure reviews, model builds, and more from our team of contributors — by fans, for fans!

Our Team

Host of Gunpla TV. Ready to retire and get around to painting his entire HG kit collection. Dibs on his will.

Host of Toy Tengoku, guest host on Gunpla TV, and on-again off-again event reporter. “Tales of the Abyss” enthusiast and cat mama.

Video editor and co-host wherever he’s needed. British. Connoisseur of dried squid. Probably loves buttered toast.

Level 75 Marketing Mage. Editor, admin, and occasional code monkey. Stand User in her free time.

Official tech Swede and HLJ’s own Long Long Man. If you find any funny error messages on the site, it was probably him.

Our Contributors

Cacophanus: Mecha & sci-fi toys and action figures, including the Robot Damashii Gundam line. Owner of Mecha Damashii.
Robodaz: Sci-fi and military model kits.
moonlitsaki: Anime and other fixed-posed figures. Owner of Moonlit Saki.
Kei: Anime & game figures and action figures.
Aaron.Mai: Automobile models & photography. Owner of Aaron Mai Media.
Eyal Reinfeld: Scale naval model kits.

The Fine Print

hobbylink.tv is the blog of HobbyLink Japan (hlj.com) and is owned and operated by HLJ.

The copyright for all content, except as otherwise specifically indicated or when embedded from other sites, is held by HobbyLink Japan, Inc. and all rights are reserved. No part of the unique content, including videos, images or text may be copied or used without permission elsewhere in any format.

Questions, comments, and all other inquiries about hobbylink.tv should be sent via our contact form.

Happy building!


  1. I think adding some filter sections to the user submitted area would really help.

    things to sort by that i would personaly like to see

    amount of modifications like if its just out of the box, just a paint job or scratch




  2. I hav been purchasing Gundams & Figurines frm HLJ for SEVERAL YEARS – YEARS!! ….And ths is the 1st time tht I hav seen ths Forum… FIRST TIME! YEARS!! …Just sad..


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