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    1. I’ve just come across your preorder for the Takara MP-19, “Masterpiece Smokescreen”, unfortunately I was too late to see your preorders for the previous figures in the line. Will Hobby Link Japan be selling preorders for the future additions to Takara’s masterpiece line of Transformers? If so, is there any option to get email notifications when they will be available?

    2. It seems that your registration and contact us forms do not work in Internet Explorer. You should note this issue for future users.

    3. Hi , im having trouble posting in some of the groups , especially the intermediate contesst group . Sometimes the text box is there and i can post and upload pics for my build and other times there is no text box and i cant post anything . Also the join group tab is still highlighted when im on the groups page . The same thing is happening to me with two other groups , please help me out as im a bit confused .

      • Have you tried a hard refresh of your browser and clearing the cache?

        • I’m new here, I joined to watch the videos but then I got interested in posting when I heard about the contest.

          Issue 1: I am not having any sort of an ‘add new post’ box show up. Yet I am able to reply to other people’s posts. Cool but bot good for starting my own build post in the intermediate contest group.

          Issue 2: I am Also always presented with the ‘Join Group’ option even though I am in the group.

          Technical Notes: I am on Mac OX X 10.8.4. I have tried this on Chrome and Firefox browsers. Same issues on both. I do not think it is the cache since nothing from here was in my cached on firefox since I use Chrome 98% of the time.

          Any Ideas?


          • FYI Ryan, your suggestion worked even though I had never been here before in firefox. I Cleared Caches and did browser refresh and i got the box to Post. Never seen that sort of behavior before but I’m glad it worked. I hope that I don’t have to do that every time i want to post. 😉

      • Sir try leaving the group then join again.

    4. Hmm why I cant register?

    5. Hi,

      Just want to send you some pictures of my first gunpla, but I think 2Mb/picture is a bit heavy as e-mail.
      I am leaving you the link of my Sinanju SD, I hope you like it.
      Ordered already the HGUC version ( on its way ), and the MG OVA ( should be ready for shipment next week ).

      Best regards,

    6. hi can u tell me price for rement full set ?

    7. Hi,

      I created an account yesterday with the username loganzaraki88 and I haven’t had an email allowing me to activate my account, I did check the junk folder to.

      Hope you can help

    8. Hi,

      Us users need an option under messages to report to the moderators any spam messages of some form of sollicitation. I’ve two in the last two days and I am sure many others are getting them as well. These scum need to be kicked out not only because kids are group members.


      • I’ve been receiving them as well, four in total, one from user “duksonbaby” and another one three times from user “baby”. I’ve included the messages below this comment. Please, moderators, get rid of them before somebody gets suckered in.

        from “duksonbaby”:

        “Hello Dear,
        My name is Faith

        Please don’t be angry with me my Dear i was browsing on .hobbylink.tv i saw your profile so i decided it is better we communicate better through my email addres(faith_d01@ outlook.com) for better talk and to tell you reason why i contacted you.”

        from “baby”:


        How are you today?.My name is (precious abbas)I hope you are in perfect health and i pray that this message should find you in peace. It will be my pleasure to read from you as always. I am very happy the way God has brought us in contact with each other. But plea
        se i will love to know you more please write me to my email: (preciousabbas@hotmail.com)”

        • I agree with this as they seem to target those who have logged in recently on the website. On a side note could someone look into my profile? Swear it is playing up because when I view it on mobile phone it says I’ve not posted anything for 2 months which isn’t true, I’ve been posting over the last couple of weeks but profile page not showing this.

    9. how can I add a promotinal code to a Order?

    10. Just want to know when the next Playing with Plamo is.


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