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1/72 Combat Armor Dougram by Max Factory (Part 2: Review)

1/72 Combat Armor Dougram by Max Factory (Available From HobbyLink Japan – HLJ.com)

rrobbert194-dougram-review (12)

The Dougram is all put together.  How does this Max Factory kit stack up?

rrobbert194-dougram-review (2)
The only tools I used was plastic nippers and a knife.  Cement is occasionally recommended, but it seems solid without it.

rrobbert194-dougram-review (3)
Front, side and back shots.

rrobbert194-dougram-review (4)

rrobbert194-dougram-review (5)

rrobbert194-dougram-review (15)
Overall, it’s around the size of a Bandai High Grade.

rrobbert194-dougram-review (1)
Some sharp details on the boxy looking head and upper body.

rrobbert194-dougram-review (7)
Sadly, the elbows can only move about 90° forward. But the shoulder can move around nicely.

rrobbert194-dougram-review (8)
The waist armor stops the legs from moving forward, but they move very well backwards for some back kicking action.

rrobbert194-dougram-review (10)
The cockpit on the head can open and includes some nice details, and the vulcans can move too.

rrobbert194-dougram-review (11)
The linear cannon can drop down over the shoulder.

rrobbert194-dougram-review (13)
Simple poses are possible, and look pretty good.

rrobbert194-dougram-review (14)

rrobbert194-dougram-review (16)
Overall, though I was a bit surprised that this wasn’t a Bandai kit due to the anime being a Sunrise production, for fans new and old, this is a fun kit to be able to bring home.  As a plastic model, I think it’s more similar to Kotobukiya style, with nice details and some precolored parts. It would be nicer though if there were more interesting gimmicks. The range of motion for the limbs can be limited sometimes, but the resulting poses are all solid looking and fun.  There are some issues as well with parts falling off, which requires a bit of patience when posing.  Overall however, I quite enjoyed the build and how it looks all together right out of the box, and has piqued my interested in the anime.  Thanks for checking this out!

rrobbert194-dougram-review (17)
“Nice look you’ve got there!”

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  1. An interesting looking mecha and the kit seems to provide for a decent build out of the box. Despite the limitations, the figure looks like it can produce a fair variety of poses. Thanks for the review.


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