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Honda RC166

Submitted By : Ren Katayama

Here’s Tamiya’s kit of the Honda RC166. The kit featured a lot of parts, making construction a little difficult.

The kit is in 1/12 scale, but featured the number of parts you’d usually see in a 1/6-scale kit. This was basically a straight build, but I did add some aftermarket piping and other details to the model. The cords included in the Tamiya kit are quite stiff, and thick! That’s why using aftermarket items for those parts makes the kit a bit easier to assemble.

The black and white photo I used on the base was cut out of a motorsports magazine. I think the bike shown in the photo is probably an RC166, and it’s also on the cover of a DVD about the Isle of Man TT Races (the RC166 won that race in the past), so I think it’s right!
I wonder who’s going to win the race this year?

honda rc166

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  1. I found the wheels difficult to do, saving for the metal ones.


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