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The Handmade Craft Garden Series

Platz’ line of miniature garden crafts contain all that you need to make a garden display piece, or maybe even a model kit display base!

The Handmade Craft Garden Series is line from popular model maker Platz, that isn’t particularly new. In fact, it launched in October 2017, and had its most recent release in… October 2017. (Fortunately, the kits are still in production, so if you missed out on these small gems in the past, you can still get your hands on them.)

What is a Handmade Craft Garden?

If you’re a model builder — especially if you’re into dioramas — you’ve probably seen a lot in the way of grass tufts, miniature trees, tiny rocks, and vials of sand that are out there for building dioramas.

What’s special about this line, is that Platz includes everything you need to create an enchanting scene here, one box at a time. Each set comes with a number of outdoorsy items and a base to build on. They’re only about $20 USD, too, so it’s a pretty affordable way to get just the right amount of material for a single small project.

You can either build the “default” scene, like the one shown at the top of this article, or reimagine your own entirely with the materials provided.

The set pictured so far is called “A Day in the Park,” and as you can see above, there are a whole lot of ways you can complete the scene.

Let’s take a look at the other three, too!

Magic Garden

Shop here: Magic Garden

Enchanted Forest

Shop here: Enchanted Forest

Veggies in Bloom

Shop here: Veggies in Bloom

Wait a Minute…

Now, if you’ve read this far and you’re thinking about picking one of these up — especially for a diorama — there’s an important piece of information missing!

What scale are these kits?

Well… that’s the downside: as these kits are intended to simply serve as standalone miniatures, there’s no scale provided on these. (And I did look around to see if anyone had input about that!)

However, if you have a few different grades of Gunpla, or other model kits in different scales in your home, you can probably find one that looks like a good match for these craft sets. The included bases are 126 x 88mm, so rather than a full-blown diorama, they could serve as colorful display bases if you’re so inclined!

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