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Pac-Man’s Game Museum In The Sky

The Sky Garden, the 69th observation floor of Yokohama Landmark Tower, is hosting an event in collaboration with Pac-Man called “PAC-MAN x Sky Garden: Pac-Man’s Game Museum,” from December 17 through to February 28th of both this year and next year! In this collaboration event, the “Sky Garden” overlooking the night view of Yokohama will be the stage for an exhibition of various video games from the 80s, including the star of the show – Pac-Man!

At this temporary museum exhibit, one will be able to visit and learn about the games of the 80’s through both artistic setups and an actual on-site retro game center arcade!

And for those who want a piece of memorabilia from the event, or others who may have a sweet tooth, don’t worry! The museum will offer exclusive goods and also an adorable Pac-Man themed parfait soda!

They also promise a sort of “Pac-Man DJ Booth” where you can spin custom music to the view of Yokohama’s nighttime view. Sounds awesome to me!

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