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    So I’m thinking of painting my MG Zeta Gundam 2.0 frame and all and I was wondering what order to paint in as far as the type of paints I will be using. I have a can of Tamiya enamel paint for the frame as well as Tamiya primer. I was going to use acrylics for the rest. Thoughts? Thanks for your help!

    • Don’t use primer on the frame. Just make sure you wash the parts really good, and your good to go. Primer will create an additional layer that can potentially cause issues when putting the armor pieces on the kit(pieces wont fit properly, gaps between armor sections, etc).

      As for your acrylic and enamel order, it depends on how you’re doing it. if your just spraying coats of paint, then it doesn’t matter which one you do first, so long as you remember to mask things off. if you’re using the acrylic for detailing, then obviously the enamel first.

      • Do I clear the frame after I paint on the details with the acrylic? and if so what kind of clear since I will be using both enamel and acrylics on it?

        • You can. Clear coat thankfully doesn’t create as think a layer as primer does. It really depends on what you’re going to do. If you plan on using decals on the frame, if they’re water slides, then use the enamel. If you’re not going to decal the frame, then its just whatever you want to do.

    • well i painted my own zeta 2.0 and it was a pain in the ass. wht i did was basically paint parts that u would see thouroughlt and then paint up the parts u dont really see much in one piece the zeta gundam is avery annoying gundam to take apart so wht i would do is just dont take apart the model as much specifically the body and legs u can check on my userame posts for some pics of it if u want some more stuff with zeta

      • Why not paint it BEFORE putting it together? That way you wouldn’t have any troubles about taking it apart.