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    Question for this community:
    Does anyone know a good way of keeping decals on the kit without using “Top Coat” or “Paint”? Currently, I am using a bit of sticky glue to keep those buggers on and it seems to be working.

    • I often use RG decals, they stay on pretty well, they just need to be applied on a relatively flat and clean surface. Glue works fine but the places around the decals often have excess glue that need sanding.

    • I know some people use Mr. Mark Setter with good results, i haven’t used it personally though.

      • Mr Mark Setter is used to make sure that decals stick on. However, if ur decals won’t stick because of a not flat surface it’s highly recommended that u use mr mark softer/tamiya mark fit as it helps decals melts so that it can conform to the surface it’s sticked on. I’ve personally never heard of issue with decals that won’t stick to flat surfaces, but I’ve heard a couple times that decals will hardly stick on non flat surfaces without mr mark softer/tamiya mark fit. Hope that helps.

    • Thank for the help everyone. I will swing the only Hobby Shop in town to see if they even carry it.

      • Mr Mark Softer & Setter are actually quite common u should be able to find them pretty much easy in most hobby shop. I’ve never tried Tamiya Mark Fit but it should do the job well.