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    Ahhh Database Error, fancy meeting you again… so soon.. haha.
    What’s up my fellow gundam maniacs. Nice to be signed-in again and share an update with y’all. Well the Qan[T] is coming along nicely. Masking is really kicking my ass LOL, but it’s definitely worth it. I don’t have any images to post at the moment because I wanted to save it for the big update next week (hopefully). I just ordered Mr. Color Clear Flat and 0.3mm Mechanical Pencil (panel lining) to complete the right leg.
    I wanted to share this haul back at HQ for the next project. But you are all aware of how long it might take for us to go back haha. And so I’ll just share it here.

    • A good deal of weapons there for that Unicorn. That’s going to keep you a busy for a while, haha.

    • Got myself a pair of side clippers this weekend, don’t know how I got by with a pair of small wire cutters all this time.

    • haha yeah totally busy with all of the extra equipment! I actually thought of getting another shield armor during the time I purchased the haul. But I decided to save it for the Full Armor. But yeah, I’m definitely stoked for the redux project. I’ve learned so much since then. And now with an airbrush in hand, I can refine it.

    • Ever worked with nail clipper? haha, that’s how I started. It cuts clean but a challenge to use because of its design.

      So what side clipper did you end up getting?