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    Gunpla aficionados, what are your thoughts and impressions on 1/35 Gundam Head Bust Resin Kits? Would you consider getting it at some point in time? I just recently came across about it while browsing and instantly became stoked of acquiring one.

    • I think they look pretty awesome. The details on them are great. Personally i’d go with this one:

    • I’d love to try my hand at one, but resin kits take a ton of time to work on. I already have limited time as is so I think I’ll stay with plastic for now, haha.

    • If you’re looking for a HI Nu, my friend has an extra SMS HI Nu bust, but he’s still on vacation to HK. I could pass along any interest. SMS is a great resin company.
      As for the resin heads, i have an Original G System GP03 bust. They’re really fun builds, but like Dlinker said, the prep work is the key. I still haven’t finished mine… 3 years later. Mainly due to it being one of their original kits and the casting not being the best.

      • This is the first I’ve ever heard of them, but man, I want one now, haha. Squee and Dlinker are right. That would take a long time to finish, but it would definitely be an awesome display piece if you put in the hours.

        • LOL, me too, just a few days ago that I discovered them. It was from a member on’s Gunpla community. I quickly added it on the kit list after I saw it LOL. No doubt, it’s definitely an awesome display piece; an instant eye catcher. And all the invested effort will be worth it in the end.

      • Thnx for sharing Squee. Definitely diggin that Stamen Bust… and wow, still in progress 3 years later. Goodness, resin kits will definitely kick my ass. I checked G-System’s store before my post. I really wanted their RX-78-2 Head Bust, but unfortunately sold out.

    • i would probably commission one but, i’m far too lazy to put forth the effort to build one haha they’re super cool though!