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    Man I really hope they release MG Jegan and Geara Zulu this year.

    • I’d KILL for a MG Geara Zulu, guards or no. It really wouldn’t be that hard, since the Marasai and the Doga had basically the same inner frame.

    • I’d love an MG Jegan. The customizing possibilities on that are astounding.

    • I’d still give my left foot for a MG Dreissen or Zogok.

      • An MG Jegan is actually extremely likely to be released at this point. It made a major cameo in BF, which definitely boosted its popularity, and it could reuse much of the Jesta frame. Easy money for Bandai.

        • It would be cool if it was a planned release for this year, but I don’t mind if they save it up for a special, like another anniversary. The fact that a Turn X kit is being released at all gives me hope that Bandai is just biding its time with releasing the really good stuff.

          • Except for the Kshatriya.

            It would be really neat if the Jegan and Geara Zulu got announced this year.

            • You’re right, we’ll probably never get an official Kshatriya that’s bigger than 1/144. It’s one of the few exceptions to the rule. Some designs are simply too much to create for the time being. Maybe a decade from now we’ll get them, once a stronger material for kits is invented.

              • I don’t think it’s the material that’s the problem. At 1/100 it would just be ridiculously big. At 1/144 it’s bigger than a lot of MGs. At 1/100 it would probably be verging near perfect grade size. The price would be horrendous too. Same applies to the psyco gundam. I really wish they’d release a HG of the psyco gundam mark 2. It looks a lot better than the first one.

                • Bandai announced some time ago that they would not be releasing an MG of the Kshatirya, the main reason being that the prototype was extremely unstable, and that the price would be beyond insanity. Don’t worry, we will eventually get one, just like with the MG Wing kits. Expect it twenty to thirty years from now.

                  • Also, a reveal for an MG Rozen Zulu would probably be the greatest words I ever read on the computer screen for a while. That suit is a thing of beauty.

                    • You mean one with the proper coloring?

                      • I don’t care if they give us the original line art colors or the ones from the anime.

                        • I’m talking about how the hg was supposed to be released with purple coloring, and bandai sent it with brown coloring instead. Even advertised it as purple and pink and it came packaged as brown and pink.

                          • As I said before, I don’t care if they make it brown as the original line art depicts, or the anime colors. It’s all fine for me.

                          • That was a turn-off for me when I first saw the review pics of the kit. A different color from all of the advertisements? I guess it’s not so bad for an HG kit, but an MG version should really come out with something closer, if only to make it easier for the OOB builders.