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    So over the weekend I was able to finish up de-nubbing the framework parts to the Banshee Norn. So it’s finally time to start painting. So far I have all the frame parts, all the Armed Armor DE parts, the entire backpack + Armed Armor XC, the entire waist section, parts of the chest and feet, and the entire head.

    So I can’t wait to start painting and see the difference between the Norn and my 1st Banshee.

    • Sounds like a lot of parts to be painted. You’re still set on finishing the head first?

    • The head will most likely be completed 1st. But we’ll just have to wait and see what get’s done 1st.

      It would also seem that I might be doing a favor for a friend of mine while I paint the Norn. We’ll see tomorrow as a few friends and I are making a trip to HobbyTown.

    • niiice! oh yeah what do you have in store for the color scheme?

    • I bought the HGUC Norn Destroy Mode because of you. Should be arriving any day now…and I’ve got the head base to build, too. Dunno if I’m going to paint them, as they do look kinda cool by default, even if they’re not 100% “screen accurate” that way.

      • Yeah that is my goal with the Unicorn Mode. Make it as close to screen accurate as possible. The Destroy Mode on the other hand, will be a bit more personalized.