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    i have a question about and their sales thing
    last night i saw the hyaku shiki on sale and was like no way so i added it to my cart and then decided to pick it up today but then i checked on the site it said its backordered( think this is ridiculous because the sale literally started less than 24 hrs ago) but my cart still has the gundam in with it on sale. so i thought maybe it glitched so refreshed and it still popped up so i deicded to buy it. however when i made the purchase i said to send it when it was ready to order instead of private warehouse and after i completed the payment, i checked my acount and it didnt show up in my order history. afterwards i thought maybe it did glitch so i tried refreshing and still the hyaku shiki showed up in my cart so i tried again but this time i sent it to my private warehouse. did i just happen to buy two hyaku shikis just now by accident because i only wanted one since my account just states only one order pending. and also typically how long do u think i need to wait for this backorder buisuness literally the sale started last night and this morning it just says backorder

    • Your best bet would be contacting the service department of HLJ. Just drop them an email and you’ll be helped before you know it!
      Regarding the backorder part, it all depends on Bandai, how long it takes them to make another batch. Sometimes HLJ might get some new stock from a distributor, but most of the time they have already spread their stock to all selling parties once the got their stock.