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    Here’s a couple of pictures of the Strike Freedom.

    I’ll take some later on with less Exposure but I really love how it came out, specially the dynamic poses. The Clear Action Base definitely mixed well with High Exposure and the dirty white of the SF 😛

    Sadly there’s a limit in terms of File Size here on HLJ, when the forum goes back up I’ll put these badboys in there!

    But for the mean time if you want to see the Full Album (Which does not have the not so Bright White pictures, here they are!)

    MG Strike Freedom

    It might not be that great to some but man I definitely have a strong sense of accomplishment right now lol.

    • Very impressive work on this, man. The splotchy pre-shading ended up looking rather nice, giving the kit a subtle weathered effect (at least to my eyes). The decal work is done well overall, too. I’d say this is a kit you should be proud of.

    • Man, that is one gorgeous looking Strike Freedom. The additional details and the pre-shading really make the whole kit come together. You did an excellent job on it.

    • Thanks ya’ll, I definitely appreciate it.

    • Love it. You did fabulously on this.

    • Looks awesome Sazabee, pre-shading is in my to do list.

    • Sweeet! Excellent job Saz! You should definitely be proud of your work. And those are some cool dynamic poses you pulled off. It definitely looks like it’s in flight.

      So what’s the next project?

    • I honestly don’t know lol.

      I have a pretty good amount of Backlog so I have these to choose from x.x

      >>MG Aile Strike RM
      >>MG Sengoku Astray
      >>Valvrave Unit 6 Hiasobi
      >>SD Sinanju
      >>SD Masurao God & Master Elephant

      Although there is another contest that I’m participating in and it’s due date is June 7th, it’s the SD Contest with my Gundam Club lol. Haven’t drawn out any plans for my SD Nu 😐

      I plan on getting the MG Nu Ver Ka & MG RX78-2 v3

      Have Metal Parts for the Nu & I have 4 Sets of Metal Thrusters from G-Systems so I’m definitely looking forward to these 2 specially x.x