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  • Ronin posted an update in the group Group logo of Advanced Modeler - Modeling Competition 2017Advanced Modeler – Modeling Competition 2017 2 years, 7 months ago

    Next batch of tests. Since I screwed up the first casting I made, I used the test pieces as paint tests for the cans I have. The satin blue tint can i have seems to work well with the resin.
    The combination of metal cast and silver pain is what I’m not happy about. I need to find a dark metallic spray paint to get that metallic inner frame i want.

    Also testing some metal tubing on the leg engine.

    • Do you polish the clear castings? And I Like the tubing, it gives the model a more real look.

    • If you have an airbrush and can spray lacquer or fume heavy paints then mr.color steel and Alclad steel look nice. Just leave them bare though as even gloss clearcoat can dull their metallic sheen.

      Otherwise tamiya gunmetal seems to be the go to spraycan for inner frames for a lot of gunpla modelers.

    • The casted pieces are not yet hard so I can’t really polish them yet. I’ll do that later.

    • See that is the challenge here. Where I live here in aruba, we don’t have a hobby shop and there are none of these paints! You even have to import the airbrush yourself. Even if you’re able to import the air brush, you still need find the paints which you can’t import since they are prohibited flammable material.

      I’m really stuck with finding an off the hardware spray can. And most of them if not all are silver. Silver is to light for this inner frame.

    • Have you considered just painting the frame a flat dark grey or black with only specific parts silver or metallic grey (like the inside of certain joints, hydraulics, etc)? That can look great when done right too and the light/dark contrast really makes certain parts “pop”.

    • Yeah I really want that clear dark and light contrast with frame being gun metal and the armors being flat white and blue. But the frame needs to be metallic since I’m adding a lot of photo-etched parts with varying metals such as copper and silver.