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    Who did you root for in advanced? My list:

    Java – creativity. you owe me a beer.
    Moldrunner – for trying new things, not another gunpla.
    Ronin – for mod skills.
    Enrico Asa no Hoshi – if the build was finished in time.
    eil doelz – weathered and rusted truck diorama.
    Beork – Kitbashing.
    Lambo & Minarto – amazing car building & modding skills
    One or two Sinanju and Sazabi MG builds or maybe ver ka either posted here or in intermediate.

    • I rooted for Java, because I really liked the work.
      Other than that… all the same to me ^_^

    • I was sincerely expecting to see your Flanker among the top winners.

    • Some of em are really a supprise to me.. Where for exapmple is fluffys 3 2 1 Zero … ? Or your Jet?
      sure I am kinda disapointed and it is not up to me and I wonΒ΄t hurt someone, but what on earth makes the Mosquito topping them? Ok its brushwork, but .. don’t get it.
      And sadly the announcement was not even worth a show? I think without Sid this thing is going down the drain.. :C

      • Thank you, Moldrunner. You made my day. An I’m going to call it my “3 2 1 Zero” from now on πŸ˜€

        • Hehe see.. I like Anna, and the other girl.. sorry, I cant remember the name.. from Toy Tengoku. I saw almost every episode of them, but If the where taken in charge for judging the entries, I feel sorry for them. Scott, Luke and Brian,should be able to judge the quality of a build. Yeah Tod und Sid for sure. Even if they might be not the pro modellers. There are things that you notice in an instant, when you build models, that make you think.. nice, BUT.. and on the other hand you see stuff you really can go dow on,the details and it still looks amazing. I am appearing to be a bad looser, but I wanted to compete with Java and Beork, you Otaku and the other guye, who not put this thing together in a week, or less. And then its an kedium intermediate build of a plane, that shows up as a winner. Oi.. sorry mate, but I build those things when I was 12 or 13m. Enamel paint, with a brush.. no topcoat etc. and it was even,cleaner, that that. I ak not sure if it was you or another plane.. kaybe the Me109.. with this awessme wodd interieur… hahaha I ak really anoid. Wanted to see the head to head 9utc9me,of the guys who really droped the shit.. and then…WTF

          • Rest assured, I didn’t judge — and didn’t want to πŸ˜› Syd, Ryan, and Todd judged the contest. Luke and Brian haven’t been with us for a while now.

        • Hehe sorry,for rantingn I appreciate your comment. Java and Beork really deserve it to win. But than I see bare plastik weathered with Tamiya weathering makeup as a winner.. really…. come on..

      • I actually really like the Mosquito, was expecting It to score as the best of intermediate instead of a Bradley. It’s a nice looking, elegant plane and the kit is nice to look at. I am quite surprised it got bumped to advanced tho, mostly due to the category guides.

        • The Breadly is amazing. All detailed and a nice finish. It is a worthy winner. Compare it to the finish of the tank dio at the advanced category…..

          • Yeah gotta agree with that, the Bradley is a superb build. And the dioramas, well I really enjoyed seeing a French tank in there, it’s so rarely to see them being appreciated, even more a diorama of those years, found it interesting, but I see where you are going.

    • Haha this thing is driving me crazy. The more I look at that build, the more angry I become…. Is this really a big gun? You know it, when you see it? Take the framework of the canapee.. nothing is masked.. nothing is clean.. That covers not the best of their entries. It is like….,lits so many, lets come to an end. Very very sad. People put time, effort and also money into it and didn’t even got a propper judgement..

    • I was rooting for Java, the amount of imagine and vision you had to have to take a pile of junk and make it into the Mecha that he did was amazing. Everyone did great and the posting activity was great from all. Can’t wait for the next one.

    • Your Flanker was very good. πŸ™‚ There was so much going on with it!

    • Thank you for all the replies and support.

      It’s refreshing to see that some people are still objective, un-business-oriented and un-political. I know very well what is going on with Russia & USA. But what does that have to do with me? I’m not even Russian. lol. I don’t even know what the Russian words on the Flanker D mean.

      It’s art. Judge it from the perspective of an artist. If you can’t do that, let someone who can do it.

      I agree with Neptune’s rant 100%. The judging criteria are inconsistent. Java deserved a win. But come on, what about other amazing builds? I think Syn left and things aren’t the same around there so the new judges are showing who are in charge. Power trip.

      I’m defending the other great builders. Not myself. If I were Bandai, I’d hire Ronin on the spot and Koto would hire Moldrunner.

      • Beork deserved a win as well. The other incredible gunpla builds didn’t get a mention. They were clean, but modded and painted a different color scheme.

        The kitbashed hybrid bike in intermediate someone did might have won if he submitted his work. Don’t think he did.

        The biggest surprise is the #1 Advanced PG build. Yes, it’s very detailed, but not #1 worthy IMO. Maybe 4th place.

        • I tried to stay put, but i have to agree with this rant.

          I was not expecting to be on the top 3 by any means, but seeing the winners it kind of annoyed me. When i submitted my entry i thought about putting it on intermediate, but according to the rules, they can change the category if needed…for a second i thought “well, my entry doesnt even fit in intermediate”… But well, they already picked the winners.

      • Though Syd isn’t physically present, he was a preliminary judge on this. We’re sorry you feel this way, though. πŸ™

      • Hmm otaku, what makes you think it is a matter of the origin of its original?
        Hehe then the Zero would be the winner ^^

    • My main complain is that both the category rules and the of judging criteria seems to be all over the place, and the lack of video really does not help on that behave. Are they looking for a clean build, an interesting one, a complex one? Does scale matters? Does realism matters or just artistic sense?

      • I understand how hard it must be to judge, after all we have both gundams, land vehicles, planes and ships all competing with each other, and most of the winners rightfully deserve their place, man there are some amazing kits in there, did you see that metal gear? an what to say about Beork’s uh (is it a gundam? looks amazing tho), but yeah some picks do feel out of place, specially without some context.

      • We’ll have a video a bit later. Because of the volume of entries, judging alone took longer than expected. We focused on judging first to have the results to everyone by Wednesday. Unfortunately, if we had added the video at the same time, results would have been further delayed.

        • That’s great, looking forward for it. Thanks.

        • I think everybody would gladly understand a further delay. Looking st the circumstances. And patience is one of a modellers strength. I really thought Syd would leave after the contest. Never expected him to leaving everything behind and this task to his unprepared colleagues…

          • We had many modellers eager to post their photos online, and didn’t want to keep them waiting any longer, but we will have a video — hopefully within a few days. Though Syd isn’t physically present, he was a preliminary judge for this competition, with Ryan and Todd’s help.

    • Thanks for including my name in your list! I really wanted to compete with you, Beork, Java…
      I’m also not satisfied with the results, there are some winners that I don’t get why they are there and some great entries that surprisingly didn’t place. I was not expecting much from my entry, after all, I made just about 70% of what I was planning (I couldn’t even add decals! ) due to the circumstances you already know.
      Of course, I must say thank you to HLJ because organizing a contest this big is awesome. Count me in for the next one!

    • Syd might have put a lot of trust in his second man or third man being the judge, since he’s not present at the office. He might have skimped over the winner list and photos, but he may not have seen all the WIPs. If he has, he would not be happy with the results. Because we LIVED the competition. Literally. We know every nook and cranny.

      I could see the potential in Enrico Asa no Hoshi’s build. It’d have turned out a winner.

      The kicker is I have been in two contests. This one is over for me. I spent too much time, effort and money in this one, but neglected the other one which is fairer and might’ve won something. Now I’m writing a book about how to throw (lose) two contests at the same time. /joke

      The Zero beats out both of the aircraft in Advanced. Period.

      I’m on bleeding edge. I don’t do clean. I don’t do box arts. I crave for creativity and change. You could build and paint the same model many ways, and they’d look different.

      Don’t know if the judges have read any recent military modelling magazines cuz they feature German and Russian tanks. Almost every time. I love them from the perspective of an artist. Also, military aircraft modelling magazines.

      Javier Lusby’s build is amazing as well. Keep up the good work.

      Count me out for the next one. The judging criteria are unclear. You can’t win a game if you don’t know how to win. Most other contests lay out their criteria clearly. Like Gunpla cup:

      Painting: Quality and execution of the painting, including detail, of the entry.

      Craftsmanship: Includes build, finish and excellence of any modifications.

      Concept: Aesthetics of the entry, including posing, unique painting scheme and presentation

    • I haven’t been able to sign in on here for a few days that’s why I’m a bit late but I do think that Moldrunner should have won a place and also kaminoan.