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    Would anyone happen to know all of the Build Fighters and RG parts that come with magazines (Hobby Japan, Dengeki Hobby, Gundam Ace?) I’m trying to find all of them for my collection. Any relevant info is appreciated!!

    • Hobby Japan October 2015 (with HGCE Freedom Gundam Custom Kit) for the Freedom Ferder.

      Gundam Ace September 2015 with New HG Gundam Weapon Parts (Beam Javelin & Original Weapon) and Gunpla Ace with New HG Gundam Weapon Parts (Hammer & Original Weapon) appeared in a chapter of the Build Fighters Manga.

      Hobby Japan May 2015 with Wing Gundam Zero Honoo Sword Kit.

      Dengeki Hobby Magazine April 2015 w/Amazing Lev D

      Hobby Japan May 2014 (with Caletvwlch Fire) for the MSZ-006H Hyper Zeta Gundam Honoo although you will also need a Shiranui Akatsuki, the Gunpla Battle Arm Arms as well as an HGUC or RG Zeta.