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    Hi people,
    What would be the effect of putting a thin matte finish then gross finish? I think I read someone mention it a while back in this group.

    I want the matte finish to even out the sanded areas then gross it on top.

    Extra: I am planing to have the gunpla (beargguy 3) signed (by China’s voice actress). Any suggestion on if thick permanent marker on the gross would be the best result?

    • 1. where are u getting this signed??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
      2. putting marker on it on gloss would probably be the best result since it gives the kit a smooth finish
      3. im pretty sure the matte finish will just take over the gloss leaving no traces of the gloss coat but i could be wrong and it can turn in to a semi gloss coat depending on how heavy u coat the kit i would thin itd prob turn semi gloss

    • 1: Montreal’s Otakuthon next weekend, she’s a guess
      2: thanks
      3: I mean thin matte then gross coat on top of it. I gonna actually try it on the runner first in any case. Will share the result when I am on it this weekend

      • Sorry, didn’t know what you meant with gross. But now I think you mean a gloss coat.
        Whenever you put down a matte clear first, due to a sort of white pigment, it will always stay matte when looking straight to it. No matter how many coats of gloss you put on it.
        However, if you hold the model in an angle, you could see a sheen on top of it.
        The other way is no problem. If you first put on a gloss clear coat and after e.g. applying panel lines, decals, weathering etc. put on a matte clear coat, the model will have a matte finish
        Then again if you use a matte paint and put a gloss clear on it, the paint will turn gloss.
        The same goes the other way round. A gloss paint will turn matte when putting a matte clear coat on it.
        The only way you could get a semi gloss finish is either by using a semi gloss clear or mix a matte clear with a gloss clear BEFORE applying it to the surface.
        If you are going to use a marker on top of a gloss clear coat, just make sure you don’t touch that area before it is dry.
        As mentioned before a gloss clear is very smooth and also very though. A semi gloss or matte clear is somewhat rough. A surface like this somewhat sucks all what is put on it into it.
        As a comparison a gloss clear behaves like polished steel, a matte clear behaves like a piece of cardboard when you apply something on the surface.
        Hope this helps out. Enjoy your building and the Montreal Otakuthon

        • is it possible using spray cans

          • @Blackneko, Of course you can use spray cans for applying a matte, semi gloss or gloss clear coat. A lot of manufacturers like Tamiya and Mr Hobby make them. Just search and/or ask for them with your local hobby shop. Or you could always search online for a company which ships them to you. E-bay or Amazon will have sellers but they often ask top money for them.
            If you’re asking for the gold plating: of course you can use spray cans for it. The most difficult is finding a good chrome spray paint. Some time ago I was looking on YouTube for some reviews on chrome spray paint. In my opinion the Dupli-Color came out best. There are some reviews on how to do it with chemicals, but I think these are harder to come by then a spray can of Dupli-Color. The most important thing is to always put a gloss black as a pre coat for the chrome.
            If you can find some in your local hardware shop or online, before buying it, first try to find a review on it.
            For clear yellow, Tamiya also sells it in spray cans. It’s also X-24
            There are some gold spray paints out there, but personally I never found one that looks really like gold. They come out a little like copper.
            Hope this answers your question. If not, please ask

            • @teetee580 Tamiya sells clear paints? I plan to (when I eventually get to painting) paint Natakus Dragon Fangs, V fin etc gold and then go over it with clear yellow. I’ve seen some nice results from that. The same clear paint that I was going to hand brush on actually also comes in a spray can?

        • haha, yup I meant gloss, have no idea how I misspelled that the whole time yesterday.
          Thanks for the answer, I guess I will go with original plan then. The matte is mainly to even out the sanded areas and get a bit of the matte look (thin coat). The gloss because I will get it sign and I think gloss top coat would help.

          You guys have any suggestion on: where would be the best spot for bearrguy 3 to have signature on?

          • @KrazJ, I would search for a big un-obscured surface. I’m thinking the back of the head…? Or the chest and tummy?
            @iamMajesty, yes, they do sell clear paints. Red (X-27), Blue (X-23), Green (X-25), Yellow (X-24) and Orange (X-26). Also a Smoke (X-19), it’s a sort of black transparent.
            I also dislike the yellow on Gundams and also paint then gold. I tried your way on a runner once for the PG Red Frame, for tipping the nubs on the gold. So a gold first and on top a clear yellow. Still looked too bronze in my opinion. Even tried clear orange on top of the gold. Looked somewhat the same, just a tad darker. The best result in copying the gold finish from Bandai was at the time a polishable silver, for the best sheen, then on top a clear Yellow. I used this technique again on the MG Nu Ver Ka. It looked very good in my opinion. If you would like to see the result, just check it at “Completed Gunpla/Models” or on my account. Now I’m waiting for my airbrush to come in and I’m going to use Alclad Chrome as a first layer. This is the way Bandai does it. Then a clear yellow on top of it. The trick is how many coats of yellow you apply on the silver or chrome. If you’re going to use spray cans, this is easier to apply thin even coats.
            To both of you, happy building in good luck and lots of fun

            • @teetee580 Thanks for the response! I’ve only seen the gold paint with clear yellow over it on videos so seeing it in person would probably look different. I’ll have to try both out and see which one I like. I’ll take a look at your Nu Ver Ka. Thanks man. Happy building!

              • @iamMajesty Yes, you are right, the best way in seeing what you like best is making some samples. Of course it’s all about personal taste. Go with the one you like best and the model will look the best it can be.
                And you’re welcome. Happy building

    • So for info, gloss finish on matte finish gave the semi gloss effect, one coat on each