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    Hi all I was just wondering if there is anyone on this site that is capable of doing a kit bash using the back piece of a 1/100 HG Amatsu and putting it onto a 1/100 MG Blitz Gundam as I would really like to do that kit bash but I am not capable of doing so myself and I am just using this picture as an example of what I would like to have done.
    • wht kind of blitz are u aiming to use the original ng or the mg
      because mg i no there is a nebula blitz

    • actually if ur shooting for mg
      then use then buy the nebula blitz theres an adaptor to the back of it im not 100% sure but it should somewhat fit because the mold if for the blitz and there proportions are the same
      so i think applying alittle putty and to connect it to the back of the mg should be fine and then add paint
      if u want to go even further on the detailing u can use pla plating and sanding to sharpen up the the detail on the back pack to make it match the mg scheme