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    If i wanna panel wash my acrylic painted kits, will i damage the acrylic paint underneath when i remove the excess panel wash with enamel thinner?

    • maybe you should use lighter fluid as thinner and removing excess panel wash because its more safer than thinner

    • It depends on what type of acrylic paint you have used. If it’s by Vallejo, then I would strongly recommend not doing it with an enamel wash, as Vallejo paint is water based and really really weak.
      However, if you have used an alcohol based acrylic paint, like Tamiya or Mr.Hobby, it will be no problem whatsoever to do an enamel panel wash and use an enamel based thinner or lighter fluid like RedVal suggested. If you use the lather one, I’d suggest using the lighter fluid to dilute the enamel paint.
      As long as you don’t use a cellulose based thinner you should be fine.
      Good luck and happy building

    • Panel washes on top of acrylic paint is tricky. I’d first coat the paint with a gloss varnish (Future Finish works well for this) and what I’ve found to be the safest wash is artists oil paint diluted with mineral spirits.

      • future gloss coat
        then afterwards use humbrol paints trust me when i say this because ive had problems doing panel line wash for a while and humbrol works great even if the glosscoat isnt completely cured if its like 70% cured it still works i only know because ive been using tamiya acrylics and there paints are really weak and easily chipped

    • This is a tricky one.. I have been doing this:
      1. Tamiya Acrylics base color,
      2. future (pledge) floor polish coat.
      3. Sludge wash (distilled water, ground up black charcoal or other powdered color, a few drops of dish soap)
      4. After sludge wash dries i wipe most of it off with paper towel and q-tips, just wet the tiniest bit with water..
      5. give the whole thing another future coat,
      6. and then a dullcoat.

      Gotta be careful and slow. Thats what I have done lately.

      • Oh yea. If this all goes horribly wrong, spray the whole part with Easy Off oven cleaner, and scrub with a toothbrush, then restart, the plastic will be in good shape but all the paint will be GONE.