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    Hello everyone, I’m taking the mg gp02 and I want to lose the leges, sheild, and give him a new weapon. I ordered both the 1/100 hardy gun and heavy gun, in hopes to take parts from them, leges sheild and gun, but I’m finding it hard to use these parts on a mg, it just looks so wrong in my head. Can someone please help me out, I love the Gp02 but the sheild and a one shot nuke just doesn’t work for me, I can live with keeping the legs, but he can’t hold the sheild so I need to come up with one that works for him, and I have older mg extra guns from my ground gm but they seem out of place for a space gundam.

    Sorry for rambling 🙂


    • i think kitbashing the gp02 with something else wont work since gp02 is very big in general however if u want to replace the nuke just do the missle launcher version like the hg version i found that one to be nice, for the shield i have a gp02 also and found the shield annoying wht i did was paint the fingers to make it very tight then make a little slit inside the shield handle insert a peg on the hand and then its tightened up if u dont like the shield just cuz of the looks i dont think theirs any gundam out their that can help u replace that unless u make ur own shield using plastic

    • The trouble is that the GP02 has quite large ball joints used for the hips, meaning that not many would fit without some modding. I think legs like the EZ-8 may work for the design as they’re a bit bulky but still suit the GP02 design but I think that the Hardy Gun legs would look good as well (just remember that F91 suits can be really short). Anything a bit bulky really works for legs.
      For the gun you’ll still want something big to offset the shoulders so I think that the Rick-Dom space Bazooka may be a good choice.
      I think that the Hardy Gun’s shield would be a really good choice, though a repaint may be in need.