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    Hello everyone, I have a few questions, first I would like to get into doing reviews, can someone point me in the direction of a mid level to high level camera that’s not too crazy in price. Second how to set up a booth to do the recordings, like should I have anything on in the room or turn them off so I don’t get a feed back sound. And finaly I live in the USA and I’m finding it hard to find model paints, hand paints spray paints, so I’m stuck going to Walmart or homedepo stores for my spray paints, what is safe to use on gunpla and what’s not?

    Please any help is will do wonders for me.

    Thank you all for the help you give to our nerdy family, gunpla makes the world go round 🙂


    • where do u live in the us if u are in the east coast i can def help

      • PHX AZ lol

        • oh then i cant help u u can try buying stuff from online like amazon or buy an airbrush and get the stuff from gundam planet gundam planet and hlj are good sites if ur buying lots of stuff cuz shipping is good with them its pretty cheap

          • I get all my kits from hlj. But paints are just hard to find local ya know? Gundam planet sells paints? Airbrush is again above my skill lol I can build kits no problem it’s the making them look good that I’m still new at lol. I can panel wash and line, put on stickers, but ruin water and dry decals lol