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    How do folks outside of Asia get access to those limited run/edition Gunpla sets that are for pre-order on the Japanese and Hong Kong Premium Bandai website?

    • Gentei kits are really good for that. They also have a section dedicated to replacement parts.

      • Thanks for the tip Nick. Prices there look to be really reasonable with a minor mark-up over the Premium Bandai site.

        • I use GK, but there is always GGInfinite and coarse eBay. Make friends in Japan/HK is always a possibility.

    • there is also amazon, at the time was the cheapest solution to getting the hg unicorn phenex.

      I also scour japan only shops and sights, I use a proxy service because I lack friends in japan, good for finding rare ones at semi decent prices…I say semi because you gotta pay shipping TO them, THEN BACK to you.

      And of course commission…

      AND very rarely play asia has some stuff, but only do that if you plan to buy cheap games there because they price gouge.