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    I had just gotten stuck into snap building the Plamax 1/350 Cherno Alpha when the announcement came out so I thought I would use it for my entry!
    I haven’t built a Plamax model kit before and so far I’m impressed with the molded detail.
    • I dont think already started kits are eligible

    • I remember there were a few half snapped kits entering last time but I’m not too sure if the line of “started” is drawn at snap fitted or painted/prepped.

      Can we get some rules around half snap fitted models @syd ?

    • that does look good. might have to pick these up. loved the jaegers. best part of the movie hands down

    • The “Basic Rules” on the contest’s page does not mention projects in progress, only that you provide 4 WIP images throughout the contest. However it would be against the spirit of the contest to post a finished build that you already had pictures of that was done before the contest was announced. We should wait on an official ruling before anyone gets upset that they started too early.

    • I just finished snap building the Cherno and I must say that it looks great but definitely needs some paint to give it that awesome gritty look from the movie.
      I was lucky enough to pre-order both this and the Gypsy Danger before they went to Order Stop on HLJ but I’m not sure when they’ll do a second run of them :/

    • Yeah there is a bit of a blank space in the rules regarding that, I wouldn’t imagine putting up a previous project is any good but I would like to see an official ruling around models that have been half built or snap fitted but not worked on, especially in the Intermediate and Advanced categories.

      If I can’t end up entering this, even by starting 2 hours early, it’s my own fault so I’ll have to try something else 🙂

    • Ah my Rival 😉

    • I’m snapping my Gipsy together right now for the contest. Lots of things to do for it lots of detail that needs to be painted