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    Two MGs that i would definately want to see would be maybe a ver ka nu gundam hws and a ver ka hi nu gundam. But i find it disapointing that it may seem that Bandai has stopped using the expression manipulater which they did for gundam 3.0 and nu and sazabi ver ka, do you guys think that Bandai might have more of these manipulatoers in future MG kits or back to the old school ones?

    • what do u mean by expression manipulater?

      • The nu Gundam ver ka debuted a new type of hands and I believe Bandai called them expression manipulators. As for the lack of use of the new hands, seems size of the kit influences weather they get the new manipulators.

        • ohh right, i think the expression manipulator….they shouldn’t use it in future MG’s in my opinion…i mean have you seen them on the 3.0?? they’re like SOOO BIG, very disproportion to the body….Like the RX-78-2 3.0 was a fantastic kit, loved the way it houses the LED, has great possibility and it is detailed. What more can you ask for.

          The only thing that makes it look…..well to me, made it look really ugly was the large large hands….