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    What are places or things to see in Tokyo and Kyoto people would recommend?
    I’m open to any ideas or places. Anything Anime, Manga, Gundam, Plamo, Pokemon, or video game would be of major interest. If you were going where would you go? The Bandai tour would be cool but looks a little out of the way and requires advanced tickets.

    • For Tokyo, hands down it is Akihabara. One stop shopping for everything you mentioned.

      I have been to only two hobby shops in Kyoto, the one on the north side of the station is gone, and I don’t know if the one on the south side is still there. It is across from the enormous five story pagoda thingy. We dubbed it “the hobby shop in a closet” as it is quite small. If it is still there and you go in, watch your head! The door header is extremely low. There are other hobby shops in the area, but I haven’t had a chance to check them out.


    • It isn’t included in your ‘major interest’ category but I would highly recommend seeing some of the shrines around Kyoto as well as the Golden Temple. Also try and see if there are any local festivals going on near where you are staying.
      When I went to Japan a few years ago my host family took me to the Kawagoe (a city near Tokyo) festival and it was really interesting to see some of the more traditional parts of Japan rather than just the flashy new stuff.