• Wave provides a clear part with screen texture for the Gladiator’s engine bay ventilation opening, but also optional brass screen. Cutting is DIY, but a full size template is provided in the instructions. The brass screen is WAY oversize, so you could use the rest for (many) other projects. I suppose carefully dry brushing the clear part would work, as the screen texture is quite good, but the brass screen will look better. If the access door is glued shut, you will not be able to see anything in the bay, except for the cooling fan.

  • Did some minor assembly and test fitting. The snap fit sockets were all drilled out a bit to allow the parts to be easily disassembled. Fit is pretty good, but the front body will need filler where it joins the sides. The two water tanks under the rear deck will need to have their front ends filed down a bit to avoid clashing with the undercarriage parts – see area highlighted in blue.

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    A little bit late, but this is what I\'ll be presenting in the contest. Late night work is commig!

    Japanese Gladiator? Gradiator? ๐Ÿ™‚ Are you planning on a Japanese WW II tank camouflage scheme as well? I’m also building a Gladiator, but just a bog-standard one. Good luck, and watch those super tight polycaps!

  • Oh yeah, the parts. Pieces parts. Parts is parts.
  • Oops, trouble with the aspect ratio. How about a sideways photo?
  • I finally figured out how to post again – it’s been a long time since failing the 2013 plamo contest, so here we go again. My build will be Wave’s Gladiator, my #1 Grail MaK subject. Engineering and quality are very good, so no major mods are planned. Here is the obligatory box photo.
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    I didn’t finish my model for the 2013 plamo contest, so I’ll try again. This time it’s a Wave Gladiator, one of my favorite MaK machines. Required box art and first peek into the box. Now to figure out how to post in the advanced group. It’s been a while.
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    In reply to: Brotzmann posted an update in the group Hobby lounge What are places or things to see in Tokyo and Kyoto people would recommend? I'm open to any ideas or places. Anything Anime, Manga, Gundam, Plamo, Pokemon, or video game would be of major interest. If you were going where would you go? The Bandai tour would be cool but looks a little out of the way and requires advanced tickets. View

    For Tokyo, hands down it is Akihabara. One stop shopping for everything you mentioned.

    I have been to only two hobby shops in Kyoto, the one on the north side of the station is gone, and I don’t know if the one on the south side is still there. It is across from the enormous five story pagoda thingy. We dubbed it “the hobby shop in a closet” as it is quite small. If it is still there and you go in, watch your head! The door header is extremely low. There are other hobby shops in the area, but I haven’t had a chance to check them out.


  • Well, I’m not going to finish so I’m out. Had too many other things to do at work and home. I guess my New Year resolution is to finish the Kampfer before the end of January 2014.

    For those of you who have not yet finished, burn that midnight oil – you still have around 15 hours left! Good luck to all of you who make the deadline, and I look forward to seeing who the winners are.

    Now please excuse me, as I gotta go pay some bills and mow the lawn.

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    In reply to: StukaJr posted an update in the group Intermediate Modeler โ€“ Modeling Competition 2013 WingNut Wings - AMC DH.2 - 1/32 scale. Lower wing planes and tail section is assembled / painted. The aircraft is starting to sprout lines of rigging - I use "through wing" method, 0.015" jeweler's wire is used. Through Wing with wire actually strengthens fragile WWI biplanes in scale.

    That’s one of my favorite WW I aircraft! The rigging is a nightmare with these British pusher designs. Best of luck with your build!

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    In reply to: Sam posted an update in the group Advanced Modeler โ€“ Modeling Competition 2013 hey every one im almost done with the vehicle bay as you can see , and im working on doing the led's for it as well . but i need your guy's help , i don't know what to do about the tires. currently i could A: get 1/12'th scale rc car tires that don't look exactly like the one's in the picture , or B: i have a solid works drawing of the tires and i " could" have them rapid prototype, but that might cost me hundreds of dollars . so i was hoping that the vast HLJ comunity might be able to recomend me some sort of rc tires or model tires that i more than likely missed that look close to the ones in the picture . the tires need to be close to 4.5 inches in diameter , inside wheel needs to be close to 2 inches and and they need to be close to 2 inches wide . thanks every one

    That is looking awesome! I hope you can find appropriate tires. The R/C off road stuff may be your best bet. Good luck, and look forward to seeing the finished model!

  • Some updates on the Kampfer build. The routing of the wiring for the mono eye has been finalized. I cut up the contacts from a Bandai lighted head set to work within the cockpit. I thought the Hall Effect magnet on/off switch was stupid, so the batteries act as the switch. Hey, you don’t want to leave the batteries in all the time. Note the lower light intensity of the Kampfer’s eye versus the Bandai set.

    The spikes on the shoulder armor had flat tips, so I am building them up with gap filler super glue.

    The outer thigh armor is being refined with .080 square styrene rod filling in the gap on the edge of the separation line.

    Things are going as planned, but time is running out. Hurry Star Force, there are only ten days left!!!

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