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    Dropping out.

    I did not know that Tamiya Acrylics on Mr Hobby Color doesnt work. The Paint is breaking up…its a pain to watch.

    Today I spend 5 (!!!) hours with masking…and now its literaly crumbling….I am done for… this hobby of mine will take a break…good luck everybody with the Competition!

    • Ouch, that sucks buddy. I know how you feel and taking a step bad isn’t a bad choice. Let it sit and simmer and when you feel up to it, work on it again.

      • Not good! How bad is it?

        Paint layers can be a pain. It might be the tamiya paint mix not just what is under it. Did the Tamiya paint go cracky like a dried up mud puddle? I had that happen and with some testing think it was that something got into the tam paint. Maybe another type of thinner I was using, dish soap from washing and reuseing a mixing bottle, too much rubbing alcohol in the paint to thin it and it accelerated the drying to where the paint surface dried right away and cracked and started peeling off. It wasn’t the surface for me.

        What I mean is that it could be that you should toss that paint that failed you. But like TCE said, taking a step back is good at a time like this.

    • Take the parts and soak them in suitable stripping solution, I use isopropyl and clean all the paint off.redo them again.once their redone you will feel better and relieved.

    • That really sucks dude. You must have put in a lot of effort and time into your entry. I had to strip down my entry as it did not come out that way that I wanted. Put me back at least a month behind in the build. Now I’m running into other problems. but I will get there. Hope you decide to keep going and have one final shot at the comp.

    • That’s awful mate. SO sorry to hear that.