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  • Argj1226 posted an update in the group Group logo of Q/A & Help GroupQ/A & Help Group 5 years, 2 months ago

    Is it really necessary to have mark softer and setter when applying water slide decals? I tried to put apply them without using the mark softer and setter but I dont know if it will hold long.. And do you guys have alternatives for the said product

    • yes it is very very very very did i say very important to put mark softer and setter it wont last as long if u dont plus if u dont sometimes the plastic is too smooth and the gundam decals will peel off right away you can try using alternatives like white viniger i guess but im not sure if its very effective @drAInbAmAgE uses this alternative u should check with him for it

    • Thanks for the mention @thebanshee13 Yeah i use some different methods and water slide application. First things first, GLOSS COAT. Always start with a gloss coat before you apply the decals. i made the mistake of thinking the washed clean plastic would be good enough… some of the decals on my RG RX-78-2 got rather silvered 🙁 So a very light gloss coat is all you need to get a good grab from the water slide. Next i use white vinegar, sounds crazy but acetic acid works wonders on softening water slides, instead of water to loosen the decals from the backing. Then its just slide the decal off the backer using a toothpick, wick most of the vinegar from under the decal and then press the decal into place with a cotton swab. The last step is to put on a final top coat, either gloss or matte, to seal in the decals. I might be making a demonstration video to show my method of decal application if i get enough interest. The custom color Sazabi im working on shows how well this method works for me. It can be more time consuming though. Hope this helps

      • Oh please do that video!! I read on facebook that vinegar does help.. Hmm looks like I might have to find decals for X2 online.. Does it work for metal water slide decals also??

        • Never heard of metallic water slides so im not sure how well my method will work there. I will make the video once i get some more of my Sazabi ready for decals, so in a few days i should be ready to film it.