Jun 6

We decided to shake things up a little bit with Gunpla TV with the introduction of a new segment on the show and just as we were sitting down to film it we were interrupted and things took an unexpected turn.

Leave a comment below, what do you want HLJ’s President Scott to build?

Kits featured in this video:

– It’s a secret.  We cannot tell you which one just yet.  You’ll have to watch the episode to see it.

HobbyLink Japan Gundam


  1. Mmm… good question!!; maybe a MG Fugurerise of Son Goku or Kamen Raider…. sounds good, but it´s your decision.
    Greetings from Mexico!!!
    Cheer up!

  2. Ying said on June 6, 2011

    Firsties. Scott should build YAMATO.

  3. How about any tank kits? I love tanks…but I’m just a tad intimidated to try one of those realistic kits.

  4. Not sure what kit I’d like to see that’s not a mech but for painting I’d definitely would like to see something with a nice camouflage pattern applied to it, or masking tricks in general.

  5. yes yes yes!!!
    I was gonna ask you guys that since there’s a lack of activity in the non-gunpla section of HobbyLinkTv. I’d like to see more modeling videos on 1/12 scale motorcycles, cars and 1/72 aircraft.

    ps. You guys are doing a great job 🙂

  6. E said on June 7, 2011

    nice, its awesome to see Gunpla TV evolve/expand.

  7. Dave said on June 7, 2011

    Scott, what about a Fine Molds Star Wars kit? I haven’t seen much about them since the Falcon was re-released.

  8. Really would like to see a Dust model build . All camoed up and mean looking .
    And more Armored Core and Zoids. Bikes and cars be sweet also. Dont matter i Watch anyway.
    Keep up the good work

  9. Joe said on June 7, 2011

    Why not, for a good transition from snap together to a real hobbyist’s job do one of the really old Gunpla from First Gundam! The original 1/100 RX-78-2 Gundam even has a transformable Core Fighter that fits inside the Gundam. Molded entirely in white, from what I remember, and requiring glue or cement to complete the kit, I think this would be great for starters.

    From the Gundam, you can move on to tanks, cars, jets, whatever; but I think an old Gundam kit would be a great start.

  10. I’m totally up for the Fine Molds Star Wars kit idea.

  11. I personally would love to see Digimon Reboot Omegamon done.
    I deem it a way better line then MG Figurerise.
    Now for customisation it could be made in Omegamon Zwart colors.

    Another thing I would like to see is Mechanic Collection Guren Type-02, Mechanic Collection Lancelot and Mechanic Collection Mazinger Z .

    Showing the Dendrobium Orchis when talking that the next thing was gonna be big was quite a tease. That would be awesome as well. Especially if it would be in a flashy custom paintjob.

    I have some more ideas, but those I will email sometime later. This is enough for now.


  12. Im thinking maybe some modding….

    I’ve been kinda wondering how to make gundam girls. Using figma figures as a base and adding 1/144 gundam armor parts on to it.

  13. say, how bout building a Perfect Grade Wing Gundam ? hehe :

  14. How about building the 1/12 Mustang or some battleship models. That would be nice.

  15. I’d love to see a resin kit put together. Maybe a B-Club something.

  16. Since we are talking about Hobby Link Japan building a real model, how about a Sci-Fi real model?

    Such as Hasegawa’s VF-0 in fighter mode?

    Also, since I never seen one before, maybe a Ma.K. model, like the 1/35 Lunadiver Stingray?

  17. Huan said on June 8, 2011

    Try something with glue and painting like the yamamoto

  18. In my previous post I forgot to mention 2 other things I would love to see.
    Namely: RAcaseal Elenor Ver. APSY and Fei-Yen w/BH/PH+ Fetish.


  19. I’ve read some good ideas. I really like the idea of building Omegamon and then painting it in the Zwart scheme.
    My own idea which I would like to add to the already long list:
    The EX-models from Bandai are pretty straight forward to build, but I would like to see them painted anime accurate, maybe even some weathering. I prefer the Eternal or White base.

  20. How about something from Maschinen Krieger? Cross btw Scifi and armor? The new Nutrocker or the Falke would be awesome.

  21. I saw the upcoming KBT00-M Metabee, that will be released later in June.

    That model would also be a nice model for Hobbylink TV.


  22. Challenging kit would be those cars.
    I just can’t get my head around those body paint jobs! How do people make the paint look so smooth and glossy? 😀

    Here’s a kit which is on Sale: http://www.hlj.com/product/FUJ03788

    The Mazda Roadster w/Photo etched parts.
    A good showcase of:
    – Glue building
    – Applying photo-etched parts
    – Painting methods

    And we builders can learn more about these awesome car kits.

    For a simpler build without photo-etched parts,

    The Fairlady Z, a great car 🙂

  23. Hm, could’ve sworn I posted something already…
    Hooray for the return of “real modeling” techniques! (glue, paint, etc.) They never should have gone in the first place.
    That Yamato cries out to be properly finished. Simply snap-building it would be a crime against everything decent in the world. After all, it may be a sci-fi kit but it’s still a scale ship. Beginners are not incapable of painting and weathering a model, it’s just a skill they haven’t learned yet. It can be done without making a project too complicated. At the very least, take care with the seams, detail-paint the things that need it (don’t leave those Cosmo Tigers unpainted!) and dullcoat and weather.
    As for what Scott should build – I’m a sci-fi kind of guy so I can’t really suggest much in the way of real-world subjects. But even if he builds a subject I’m not too crazy about, I’m sure it’ll be enjoyable if it’s a good build.
    If Scott were up for a sci-fi build, then maybe some Fine Molds Star Wars (Y-Wing?) or a Hasegawa or Wave Macross kit (1:48 YF-19, Wave Tomahawk, or even the brand new Hasegawa Thunderbolt) would be fun.

    • @George, sorry but this is the first comment we have seen of yours in this post. It did not go to the spam box either.

  24. Hmmm. Honestly? I’d like to see Mr. Hards build a 1/24 Lotus Europa Special from Tamiya, painted with a light/dark blue gradient from front to back.

    Now, here’s the kicker:

    The car should also be done up with those Shining Force Feather “ita-sha” decals I saw while browsing the “car and bike models” front page. But not too many, though.

    … is it possible to add spinning rims to car models as well?

  25. Strange… I’m almost positive that I posted, and that afterward on the site (i.e. the display of one’s own comment that happens prior to the comment being approved and made visible to everyone – don’t know exactly how that’s implemented…) – ah well, probably not too important.
    It does mean I missed my chance to be first, though. That just ruined my whole day, I tell ya. XD

  26. I also like the idea of the (Digimon Reboot) Omegamon painted with the Zwart colour scheme.
    Some other models I’d like to see which I’ve almost never seen mentioned by other people are kits from Five Star Stories, such as the
    1/100 Hydra Mirage Hyper Expression
    1/144 Engage SR3
    and 1/144 Knight of Gold Lachesis.

  27. Any 1/1700 Ex Ship would be good. Like the archangel or argama

  28. What about rasin gundam?

  29. resin

  30. Hello greetings to the community of Gunpla tv, this chapter seems really interesting because I remember when assembling my first scale model I had to decide between many existing models, whether large or small the truth I believe that size does not matter how unique really matters is the effort to build the model, I think scott should assemble the 1 / 144 HGUC GP03 Dendrobium.
    Greetings from Mexico City

  31. How about building the MG Ex-S or the PG Zeta Gundam! ^^ Thats what I would like you to build sir! xD ! Specially the Zeta !

  32. zoids from kotobokukiya looks wowwwwwww and awwwweeessssoommeeee…. so detail and nice and crisp, and lots of tiny parts that needs extra care to build it. i think zoids is the one 🙂

  33. As a Die-Hard Gundam fan I´d like to see Scott buit the new Bandai MG Gouf.

  34. Egg said on June 11, 2011

    I would love to see some Maschinen Krieger, or a Tamiya tank kit.

  35. Yamato please!

  36. Lay said on June 12, 2011

    I want see MG 1/8 son goku and with son goku super saiya – dragon ball

  37. pac said on June 14, 2011

    A really old and cheap GUNCANNON 1/144 kit http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN08656

    These old kits are classics, they are really hard to build from todays standards, but if you are good and take your time, you can create something really nice.

  38. How about some resin action figure, where you even have to drill to insert pegs?

  39. how about an introduction to airbrushing.

  40. Who else want to be locked in for a night in the Warehouse?


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