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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 127 – Kit Bash Preview – EZ paint – The-O

In this episode of Gunpla TV, Syd finally reveals what he has chosen to use for the Gunpla TV kit bash, based on suggestions in the Gunpla TV Kit Bash group on HobbyLink.tv. Ryan then gets started on his Ma.K Nutcracker by painting it! We also take a look in the recent Hobby Japan magazine and talk about some of the exciting new kits on the way.

Kits featured in this video:

– 1/144 HG Gundam Astray Red Frame (Flight Unit)
– Hobby Japan October 2013 (with Caletvwlch & Custom Kit for HG Gundam ASTRAY)
– 1/35 P.K.H. 103 Nutcracker
– 1/100 MG PMX-003 THE-O
– 1/100 MG MSN-06S Sinanju Stein Ver. Ka
– 1/100 MG Qubeley
– 1/100 MG Wing Gundam Proto Zero EW Ver.
– 1/100 MG MSN-04 Sazabi Ver. Ka
– 1/144 RG ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom Gundam

MG PMX-003 THE-O -1


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Gunpla TV host from the beginning, until 2017. You can keep up with his current gunpla projects at gaijin-gunpla.com.


  1. MSX-009 SinanjuQ?
    MSX-009 Stien Qube?
    MSX-009 Synanley?

  2. Hey Syd, hey Ry, I can’t wait til my Stein gets here, I already picked out the color scheme I want. OD green,black, and green metal flake. What do you think? I want to do a military style color any ideas?

  3. Hi guys,

    Just want to say “Thanks!” It’s been 30 years since my last Gunpla. After watching your shows, I started to stock up some Gunplas (it’ll last me for some years….), from PG all the way to SD. Mega size will be next for my Christmas gift…LOL.

    Thanks again.

  4. nice work!

    some suggestions:
    1. put a piece of glass/plastic in front of camera to protect it from paint.
    2. Quabeju looks great, but are you going to use more kits?


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