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Gunpla TV

Gunpla TV – Episode 120 – Votoms – Macross VF-1A/S – Gundam PG GP01

There’s some cool stuff in this week’s episode of Gunpla TV and I’m not talking just plastic models. In addition to Ryan’s Perfect Grade GP01, the unveiling of Bandai’s 1/72 VF-1A/S Valkyrie (Hikaru Ichijo), and Syd showing off Votoms for the first time on the show, we are also having a contest! Yes, that’s right, you get to win something!

Gundam Facepalm Caption Contest

On a previous episode of Gunpla TV where we introduced Facepalm Gundam a viewer captured a video still, captioned it, posted it on hobbylink.tv, and made me spill the alcoholic beverage I was currently drinking onto my lap (I was viewing it on my ipad at home). For this contest, all you need to do is take the Facepalm Gundam image from the Hobbylink.tv Facepalm Gundam Caption Contest Group and add a caption then post it back in the group. Those judged to be the best will win a 10% discount coupon from HobbyLink Japan Hlj.com. 10 Winners will be chosen and announced in episode 125.

The rules:

*Expand the image found in the Facepalm Gundam Caption Contest Group on Hobbylink.tv (insert link) and save it.

*Add your caption.

*Post it in the Facepalm Gundam Caption Contest Group for your chance to win.

Kits featured in this video:

1/72 VF-1A/S Valkyrie (Hikaru Ichijo)
1/60 Perfect Grade RX-78 Gundam GP01/Fb
1/20 ATM-09-GC Brutishdog
And check out the other kits in Bandai’s Votoms lineup.


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Gunpla TV host from the beginning, until 2017. You can keep up with his current gunpla projects at gaijin-gunpla.com.


  1. First guys great show as always, thanks for mentioning my comment! PGs are looking really well, keep up the good work. Oh how I would love to work or internship there.

  2. Thanks again for another mention during the show. I’m hoping folks like the idea and it is chosen for the kit bash. If not at least the word is out so somebody will do it.

    Since August is going to be the release of Gundam on blu-ray and the 3.0 kit. Why not do a few kits in the 0079 theme. Say Syd tackle the 3.0 and have Ryan do the MG Zeong or better yet Perfect Zeong, since he is fond of larger kits.

    Keep it up gentlemen and we are eagerly awaiting the next episode.

  3. hello syd and ryan great god on your first pg. i wanted to ask you opinion with the new up comming wing zero iam a zer0 fan i do like the tv verison from what i seen its a bit different but have u heard or seen different pic of it ? also i did become a member here i would like to add you as a friend how do i find you? thank you guys for all your hard work and you guys got me back into gundam again and sweet robotech kit looking forward to it being showin

  4. Hi syd and ryan i was wondering if you guys were going to get your hands on the Zoid liger zero schneider model kit because you have the other three but not the best of all them… well panzer is pretty cool

    • The Liger Zero is really popular and we don’t have any in stock, but if we get a big batch we’ll try get something together.

    • i was going to comment and say that the liger zero is getting a re-release in October so if you can find the separate armour your set (its discontinues at hlj) but upon checking facts i noticed the schneider itself is set for a September restock, which is both news to me and awesome

  5. Hey guys, well done on another amazing episode.
    However, I have a very important question for you guys…
    What was your very first plastic model or Gundam Model.
    I’m looking forward to the next episode ^_^

    -From your loyal Irish viewer.

  6. Hey Syd. I was wondering if its true that the Master grade Wing Proto Zero gundam kit was coming out in October of this year? If so will you have it for pre-ordering? I love watching your show and you guys make building gunpla very fun and exciting. Keep up the awesome inspiring work for all the gundam and gunpla fans.

  7. Another great show! The PG is really coming along, well done Ryan!

    And the new site looks great! Can’t wait to dig in 😉

  8. First I want to say that I love the show guys! Please make sure to keep up the good work here, it is very appreciated.

    I noticed with the past few episodes you guys have been focusing a little bit on the PG’s, the differences in the old and new, and how they are becoming more and more complex. My question is, with how amazing the Seed PG’s inner frames and gimmicks have been, have either of you taken interest in building the PG 00? I can say, hands down, that I have never seen a more sophisticated frame than the one it had. I usually don’t focus on the frames, but this one made me tempted to keep it for the frame itself almost. I think it would be a very fun build for either of you two to take!

    Thanks for the show and I will hope to see you in the next episode!

    -Star Shatterer

  9. Hi Ryan and Syd.

    If acrylic paint can be thinned using water, why do people buy other products to do it? Is there any advantage over this?



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