Dec 29
HLJ : Luke

Hobby Insider travels to Toyohashi City in Aichi Prefecture to show you how Fine Molds’ makes their amazing kits. Follow Scott T. Hards as we explore the Fine Molds factory and  have an exclusive look into the process of designing and producing model kits. Watch Fine Molds’ craftsmen carve hardened steel with state-of-the-art tools in Part 2 of our visit to their headquarters.

Haven’t seen Fine Molds Part 1 yet? Go check it out!


  1. Gunpla/airfix follows these procedures in some way I guess.

    So interesting, how plastic kits are made. 😀 The building blocks of Kits is lovely XD

  2. I have worked in the manufacturing and machining sector for nearly forty years, and I still find this stuff fascinating. Thank You and all the fine gentlemen at FINE MOLDS for sharing this with us.

  3. Awesome!!! That’s incredible how much technology is behind every single piece of my model kits! Next time I will cut-drill-sand-melt-carve a plastic piece I will think to all the job behind that piece.

  4. Was beginning to wonder if ye’d simply forgotten about this series. Are ye going to be continuing with Boss Builds as well?

  5. very informative. i now know why plastic models cost as much as they do.

  6. I can’t wait to see part 3.

  7. This Hobby Insider series is great. Keep it up. For those of us who build kits what goes into their design and manufacture is a mystery. We kit builders are insatiable in our demands (perhaps unreasonable so) for ever more detailed, accurate, and affordable kits. With these videos you are shedding light on the amazing level of technological innovations that go into the products that we love. Incidentally, it also explains why some of these new kits can cost $100 or more. The industry needs to do more of this kind of openness to justify the ever increasing price of their products. I know that I now have more respect (and willingness to pay) for the products after seeing what goes into making them. I would love to see more of these. How about doing a Hobby Insider episode at WAVE, Ban Dai, or Hasegawa. I would also love to see an episode about Kow Yokoyama’s Ma.K. products.

  8. Beautifull Video!
    I hope to see more videos like these!

  9. The production value of this video is incredible. Very informative and fascinating, can’t wait until part 3. Maybe Bandai the next go around?

  10. Really enjoying this inside view of Fine Molds. I had a basic idea of how injection kits were made but now I really have a greater appreciation of all the hard work and time that takes place to bring these kits to reality. Thank you. Look forward to part three.

  11. Thanks for making a video like this. Very interesting and just love to see how my kits are made from the beginning to the end… thanks a lot for the video and the series.. hope part three is soon and any other videos…

  12. Fantastic video – I now have a much better appreciation of all the kits sitting in boxes in my garage………

  13. Very interstig video, it is impressive the work behiond those kits

  14. It was very kind of Fine Models to open up their design and tooling to the public. Very interesting video. Clearly some very skilled people working there. They are not getting rich quick, but clearly earning a decent living doing something there are passionate about. I am really looking forward to seeing video three. Nice music on the videos too!

  15. Fine Molds techniques are very similar to Eduard, of which there was a factory tour I attended in 2002. They had CAD/CAM, EDM, but not the laser machining which I do not think was around at that time.

    Thank you for these behind the scenes tours, they add appreciation of the hobby manufacturer’s and the fact that HLJ cares enough to show us!

  16. Any news about part 3 of this fine tour?

  17. Just came across this little series. Liked Part 1 and really liked Part 2. Haven’t found any Part 3 yet, even though Part 2 says “coming soon.” Would love to see it! 🙂

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