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Choi-Pla Railgun Unboxing

Hey everyone! I hope you’re spending your days well! I’ve been at home a lot these days, and I’ve been seeking out small and easy-to-build kits to add to my collection.

And I think I’ve found some kits meant just for me! This little guy will measure 5cm tall when fully assembled, so of course I had to see it for myself. I’ll be unboxing the Choi-Pla Rail Gun in pure white by Cavico Models, and I’ll be building both the pure white and shadow black versions, so let’s check it out!

I was thoroughly surprised at how small and compact the box was. The packaging is clear so you can see exactly what’s inside.

The runners come clipped together; 3 solid white for the Nacchin Tank main body, and 4 for the two rail guns and waist mounted generator. We get two little plastic energy tubes as well!

Something a little different is that this kit doesn’t come with any stickers. Tiny display eyes are provided for us on the packaging, so maybe these will need to be cut out.

The instruction manual is printed directly on the package paper, so be sure to keep this. Unless you think you can build it without the instructions, then that’s great too!

Please check out the gallery for pictures of the shadow black version.

I’m very excited to build these kits to see just how quick and simple it is. Hopefully no tiny pieces go astray!

Get your Choi-Pla Rail guns here!
Choi-Pla Railgun Pure White
Choi-Pla Railgun Shadow Black

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  1. Looking forward to mine arriving, these look so damn cute.

  2. Gives links on where to get them, upon opening links they’re discontinued.

    Why promote an item if you can’t buy it?


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