Oct 27
HLJ : Luke

Fujimi Photo Gallery

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Brian has a look at the goodies Fujimi had on display! For IJN ship model fans, these four all-new beauties are on the way: 1/700 Shokaku, 1/700 Ise, 1/700 Taiho, and 1/350 Fuso. For auto fans there’s an all-new kit of the all-new Honda CR-Z coming this October, and a Porsche GT-3 racer slated for a January ’11 release. Fans of modern fighter jets can look forward to the October release of an all-new kit of the  1/72 F-35B Lightning II.



  1. Tommy Liu on 2011年10月22日 at 01:38Thank for the show and it make me want to buy different model other than Gunpla but Gunpla still is the best . So PLEASE make more tutoiral and other information about Japan.

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