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Gunpla TV – Episode 16 – MG and HG Sinanju Comparison

The new HGUC Sinanju is so fantastic we couldn’t just show it to you at the beginning of an episode. It’s so impressive we decided instead to do a whole episode on this great kit and show you how the High Grade version compares to the Master Grade  which is one of the best selling Master Grade kits ever.

Gundam models shown in this video :
1/100 MG RGZ-95 ReZEL
– 1/144 HGUC Sinanju
1/100 MG Sinanju Ver. Ka

Click here to watch the user submitted Gundam review!

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  1. I really liked this video, Sinanju is one of my favorite designs ever, and I really liked this comparison between MG and HG, one of my favorite episodes of Gunpla Tv ! And Syd, are you going to give a custom paint job to your HG? If so, could you show it in gunpla tv ^^ ?

  2. Great comparison! 🙂

    I plan to get an HG version of this but I want to check if the limited edition stand (Sinanju Head) is included on this kit. Similar to Unicorn 1/144 stand that came-out from one of the issues of Dengeki Hobby Mag. I hope you can give us some info on this thing. Thanks!

  3. Hi Noel,

    The Sinanju Head is included with the january issue of Gundam Ace magazine. We are working on getting those from the distributor as we speak. More details will be made available when we get them.

  4. now i want mg sinanju! hahaha
    as well as detail parts for it and the mg unicorn hahha
    dang u syd!!!!! lol

  5. Syd thanks to show to us to the great difference between the scale 1:100 MG and the 1:144 HG, the difference I am very great to my likes but the model in MG since this very detailed and in a competition that is very good, although model HG tendria that to work it to realise the details much to him serious good to practice.

  6. Syd thanks for the video tutorial about panel wash in episode 14. After searching with google for a while I found an article that described panel washing using tamiya paint and thinner. I tried to do it myself. Unfortunately it doesn’t really work. I tried to wipe of the excess paint with a qtip just as you described it but that left me with a greyish part that looked like crap. So I watched episode 14 again and heard that you used topcoat. Is that necessary for the panel wash to work? Thanks!

  7. Hi Sebastian,

    What type of paint were you using? The gloss coat isn’t necessary (but sure helps) providing you use types of paints that work with each other. In the video we made may paint coat was a lacquer and the panel wash paint was an enamel. Enamels can be applied (and removed) safely over lacquers.

  8. Hi Syd, thank you for your quick reply!

    I used tamiya acrylic paint and thinner (which has XF-1/X-20A written on the bottle). The kit was unpainted and un-topcoated as I just wanted to test this with a cheap kit before I tried panel washing on my more expensive MG kits. The paint just didn’t come off as easy as in your video. In the end I had to use sandpaper on some parts.
    I asked the guy in my local hobby store about this but he had no idea what I was talking about (showing him the video didn’t help either). About the coat: will this work with a matte coat? Or can I use that afterwards? I don’t really like the gloss look.

  9. Hi Sebastian,

    Gloss coat is best when doing panel lines and decals, but your final coat determines your look so you can gloss coat for panel lines and then do a final top coat of flat, if that is your preference. To be honest I don’t have much experience with acrylics as the lacquer/enamel combination has worked so well for me. I’ll give an acrylic type paint a try soon and see what happens.

  10. Hi Sebastian, in my experience I’ve not had good results with Tamiya paints for washes either. Try water colours if you don’t want to use enamel. Water colours are good over enamel paint jobs cos you don’t need to top coat it and they come off really easy even if you’ve left the wash on for ages.
    Also if you want the model to look more weathered/dirty applying a wash over a flat coat will give a more grimy look I’ve found.

  11. Can you please tell that which Thinner should I use when add it into paint when panel lining since there r so many different type of it? Must reply back, Thanks!!

    • @ Dil i notice you posted about 3 comments on youtube and also 2 comments on hobbylink.tv with the same question. To help you we would suggest that it’s best to use whatever brand you are using. If you use Tamiya enamel, then use tamiya enamel thinner. Humbrol enamel thinner with Humbrol paints, etc.

  12. Wow I wanna buy a HG sinanju and I wanna paint that HG sinanju YELLOW!!!


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