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User Guidelines

These guidelines are to make sure that we can provide a pleasant community site for our users to participate in and help everyone increase their knowledge about the topics we cover or the content our users submit. Please take a moment to read through them carefully, and thank you in advance for helping to keep hobbylink.tv a clean, user-friendly site.

Think about what you post

Even more than avoiding profanity and rudeness, we ask that your submissions and posts offer some value which adds to, or helps move a discussion forward.  Simply posting “I think so, too” or “LOL”  is not particularly valuable for anyone, unless you also take a moment to explain why you think that way.

Show Courtesy and Respect to Other Blog Users

Every user within our blog deserves to be treated with courtesy and respect. Keep your comments on topic and avoid flames and profanity. We’re a friendly company that wants to help our users and customers, so wading through purposeless shouting, bad language or personal attacks is not the best way we could be spending our time. We want to have a warm, friendly atmosphere on our blog so that users from all around the world are comfortable sharing information and having a good time talking with one another.

Comments or user submitted content that contain flames, profanity, personal attacks or other objectionable material may be edited or removed from the blog, and your access to the blog may be terminated at our sole discretion. All comments are moderated.

Proper Posting of Articles from Other Sites

If you want to share an article from another site within our blog, please link back to the original source and keep the content clean and free of any advertisements.  Full articles accompanied with graphical images are welcome, but be certain that you personally have the copyright to the material, or the permission of the copyright holder before cross-posting.

Do Not Post Spam Advertisements

We intend to keep discussion threads free from spam messages containing ads. Messages with advertisements will be removed from the blog and posters may have their access to our blog terminated.

Clearly Label the Subject of Your Content

When you submit content, make sure the subject field indicates what the article is actually about. This will make it easier for other members to participate and find your content.

Keep Posted Links Relevant and Clean

Do not post links to adult sites, or other irrelevant material.  Comments or user submitted content with those kinds of links will be removed from the blog and your access to the blog may be terminated.

Keep Graphics Relevant and Clean

If you include graphics in your comments and articles, please make sure they are relevant to the topic. Unnecessary graphics just make our users’ viewing experience slower. Messages with adult graphics will be removed from the blog and your access may be terminated.

Keep Personal Information Private

Never post personal information such as phone numbers, credit card numbers, addresses, etc. Comments containing personal information may be edited or removed from the blog.

Keep your formatting mature and easy to read.

Submissions and comments to this site are not chat or text messages.  Please avoid the use of trendy abbreviations (e.g., OMG, WTF?, LOL!), all caps (e.g., WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING?), repeated, multiple punctuation marks (e.g., Stop doing that!!!!!!!), etc., and keep your content looking like it was written by a serious, considerate adult.

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