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Toy Tengoku – Episode 23 – Neuromancer #001 Ignis – Cosmo Fleet Gran Mechanix 2


Join Ardith and Robin in this unboxing-fest of an episode, to see what we can see! Let loose this time are Ignis, the striking first entry in Yamato’s Neuromancer line, and an array of exquisite Sunrise craft in MegaHouse’s latest Cosmo Fleet Gran Mechanix release.

Items features in this video:

Yamato Neuromancer #001 Ignis Action Figure
MegaHouse Cosmo Fleet Collection Gran Mechanix 02

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  1. That is a very nice looking figure. 🙂

  2. Wow, I think Yamato is off to a great start in their Neuromancer line with the Ignis figure! In addition to having a nicely detailed sculpt, she looks to be very pose-able and the joints aren’t very noticeable. I also like how Yamato took the time and effort to utilise a magnet hold based system, as opposed to a peg based one. No one likes seeing peg holes in their figures. Though I usually stay away from pose-able figures because of unsightly joints, I’ll definitely be pre-ordering the Rei Ayanami when she’s available. And if Asuka becomes more than a rumour, I’ll add her to my Evangelion collection as well. My biggest hope for the new line, though, is that Yamato produces a figure of Motoko Kusanagi (GITS). Considering how she’s such an action based character, she’d be perfect for the Neuromancer line.

    Enjoyed the unveiling of the Megahouse Cosmo Fleet Collection, especially learning some of the historical details of the associated series/OVAs/movies. I wasn’t aware of any of them, mostly being familiar with Robotech (Macross), Galaxy Express 999, and Albator (Captain Harlock) from around that time period.

    Looking forward to episode twenty-four.

  3. GeeH.
    Underage Kids watch this.


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