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Now in English: Wonder Festival, The Biggest Japanese Toy Show

For those not in the know, Wonder Festival (WonFes) is an event that takes place biannually in Japan to celebrate figures and plastic models created by both companies and fans across the country. Sometimes these kinds of events can be difficult to understand if you don’t speak Japanese, or even difficult to attend and shop…

But fear not! WonFes has heard our prayers and has created an official English promotional video for everyone around the world to see! In this video, you’ll be able to get information about the festival itself, how fans create and sell their own garage kit figures, the cosplay side of things, and so much more! So, without further ado, check it out!

Pretty hype, right?

WonFes has just recently taken place in a special ONLINE version of the Autumn event on October 9th, 2021 – but don’t worry, there are plenty more WonFes events to anticipate in the future! The next one in Japan will be here during February 2022 in the Makuhari area. But, there’s a special new Beijing WF being held this upcoming November 2021! We’re all super excited to see what the Beijing side of the fandom will bring – and to find out where WF may expand to internationally, next!

Of course, you don’t have to wait until Wonder Festival to grab a figure for yourself. You can get one right this moment on our site! Check out our anime figurines! Or, if PLAMO is more your thing, we have a few sci-fi selections we recommend!

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