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    Small update to the Sinanju, still waiting for my local hobby shop to restock TS39.

    • As much as I love the Sinanju, the torso looks so disproportionate to the legs when it hasn’t got it’s back-pack armor on to give it a bit of width.

    • Looking great! I really like how you have silver instead of gold on this guy. Did you hand paint it or do a reverse wash technique?

      • Thank you, thank you! I hand painted the silver. I played with the reverse wash a few times on the Kshatriya, but could not get the results I was looking for.

    • Nice work….Why did you make his legs longer? His head looks too small for his body lol….

      • Thank you! I don’t know, I find myself doing it all my gundam kits. I prefer longer limbs. This one stands about 10mm taller than normal, and the arms are about 6mm longer.

    • i actually also prefer longer limbs, i like the way they change the proportions, very nice job 🙂 especially love the silver, i envy ur paint skills, i don’t even wanna tell u wut my sinanju’s gold looks like as a result of my trying to do the same >>

      • I am flattered, thank you! It’s all trial and error my friend. I always have some scrap kits to test on first, you can find them for cheap on auction sites.