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    Anyone have any more/real news about the supposed announcement of a new 1/100 grade to be made at Shizouka?

    • I wonder what will happen to the MG line. Is it still going to be around or will be cancelled in favor to this new 1/100 line.

      • Sounds like it is either a 1/100 scale RG (aka RX-78-2 v3.0), or a 1/100 scale PG. Either way, it sounds good to me. Zaku II v3.0, anyone?

      • Why would you assume they’d cancel the Master grade line? Master grade isn’t just gundam, it encompasses other kit lines as well. Besides, the new NE/100 line isn’t as good as MG in terms of quality. I think the line is just a means to bring old kits back to life without interrupting the MG line (which is planned far ahead of time). The Nightingale is first in the NE/100 line, and it’s more like a no grade kit with a bit more detail(the Nightingale hasn’t seen a proper release since the 80’s).

        • I made this comment before the Shizuoka Hobby Show actually began. I just assumed the worst. Anyways, Nightingale was the biggest surprise of the show for sure.

      • Heres a link to the new NE/100 Nigthingale if you haven’t seen it:

    • They’re going to be giving the full announcement on the 18 th at Shizuoka so everything you see until then will just be speculation.
      All we know at the moment is that they’re 1/100 highly detailed kits.
      I think that this may mean that they’re going for high detail-low mobility similar to a model car or plane, or even a relaunch of 1/100 HG/NG style kits but again we won’t know anything until the 18th.

    • and MKIII and GP04

    • MG isnt going anywhere, I think they are calling it Reborn-One-Hundred and I’m pretty sure its going to be all the kits that would be too expensive for MG RG or PG and would loose to much articulation and detail in HG. This is all speculation from what ive seen on gundam guy blog but so far were talking Nightingale MKIII and GP04….. I am not disappoint