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    i think my sinanju stein is completed. its been a heck of a process finishing this for ny cc with school coming soon n all but im glad i got it done early enough to check for touch ups
    • Amazing!!!! that backpack, wow! and the effect on the weapons. There’ll be a lot of dropped jaws at NYCC hehe. Where are you located Banshee, if you dont mind me asking. I’m in upstate NY. Had the chance to participate in the gunpla contest held at Otakuthon in Montreal 2 weeks ago and took third place in the open category. I’m hoping i”ll be able to participate in NYCC next year.

    • Oh, forgot to ask! what’s holding the beam saber?

    • wanted to do something like the o so i used one of those builder parts

    • im goinng to nycc but im in nj i dont think ill win tbh child of mecha is entering as well