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    gbwc ended at nycc and this year’s entries’ quality was much better than last year. even though i didnt win or anything it was a fun competition seeing other entries and being able to learn from their awesome works. check out the works at https://www.facebook.com/kdash71/?fref=ts (my entry is the sinanju stein) the winner was child of mechas hummingbird which blew everything away of course ๐Ÿ™‚

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    prob not the right place to say this but whtever. anyone that lives in the us, Barnes and nobles are having a gundam sale so wing custom, double x and others are up on sale for 25 percent off

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    i have a question about hlj.com and their sales thing
    last night i saw the hyaku shiki on sale and was like no way so i added it to my cart and then decided to pick it up today but then i checked on the site it said its backordered( think this is ridiculous because the sale literally started less than 24 hrs ago) but my cart still has the gundam in with it on sale. so i thought maybe it glitched so refreshed and it still popped up so i deicded to buy it. however when i made the purchase i said to send it when it was ready to order instead of private warehouse and after i completed the payment, i checked my acount and it didnt show up in my order history. afterwards i thought maybe it did glitch so i tried refreshing and still the hyaku shiki showed up in my cart so i tried again but this time i sent it to my private warehouse. did i just happen to buy two hyaku shikis just now by accident because i only wanted one since my account just states only one order pending. and also typically how long do u think i need to wait for this backorder buisuness literally the sale started last night and this morning it just says backorder

    • Your best bet would be contacting the service department of HLJ. Just drop them an email and you’ll be helped before you know it!
      Regarding the backorder part, it all depends on Bandai, how long it takes them to make another batch. Sometimes HLJ might get some new stock from a distributor, but most of the time they have already spread their stock to all selling parties once the got their stock.

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    Ok pics didnt go through wierd again lol

    • I think there’s a limit on how large a picture’s file size can be, if it exceeds that size then it just doesn’t show up.

      • Yup, when I take pictures with my Canon they won’t upload (in excess of 4 mb per picture) pictures taken with my phone (max 2 mb) will upload

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    well barnes and nobles now sell more gundams so great on them and they have discounts once in a while like 20% off so i cant help it but pick up a beauty like the graze 1/100 this has been painted scratch built some wings and custom diorama/ colors i think i call it graze flight unit bad on names but here it is enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

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    hai its been a super long time but since ive been on break but im back so i recently bought the gundam barbatos at barnes and nobles (noted theres a 15% coupon plus membership so i it was 24$) but anyways i wanted to make the mace for him but idk the dimensions so i was hoping if there was anyone that would no the dimensions of the 1/144 especially the top part since i think thats prob the most important
    thanks lol

    • Can’t believe no one has a 1/144 scale Barbatos here on this site……. Wait! The answer doesn’t obtain one a free Gunpla!!!
      Anyways, looked it up for you, as I recalled Henry A.K.A. vegeta8259 made his own mace and shows a picture of the dimensions:

      Hope this helps you out. Good luck and happy building!

    • There is speculation that the 1/100 Gundam Barbatos 6th form will include parts for the 5th from Barabatos as well as the mace which features and extending lance gimmick (and doesn’t have the point rounded off like the 1/144 version), but HLJ do not appear to have any official photos to confirm this.

      • kinda alittle too late to release one considering i just made the mace lol but now i can think about getting another barbatos

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    i finally finished painting up my tallgeese I after so long ago ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Well my zeong was completed it was a pretty good and different build n it was good experience despite the loss

    • Your Zeong looked really great. You’ve also used a nice background. And it ain’t no shame, going up against Henry and StryderPrime, and not taking the gold back home. At least you stood there, tall and proud!!!

    • Thanks maybe ill try again next time only this time maybe ill use a gundam thats newer lol

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    so tmrs gbwc wish me luck be quick stupid question once i get in what do i do to display my piece ??? pls ans if quick since its tmr

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    i finished modding my zeong and i started to paint it however when i did after the paint dried i could see the surface of the plastic to be all scratchy from sanding it down and such is there a way to get rid of that look like prime it or something??

    • What you can do is prime to see where it’s rough. If you use a grey primer then it’s easy to see changes in the surface and so, easy to try and fix. This is the best way I’ve found to smooth out plastic.

    • What Nick said is true, but you’ll be looking for a primer with “micro filler” added to it. Of course you need to sand it after priming it. For a flat paint, a 800 grid sandpaper will do, for gloss and metallics, a 1000 or 1200 grid sandpaper is needed. And you need to get a primer that is compatible with the paint you are using, provided you want to spray the primer on top of the paint.
      If it isn’t an option, to prime over the paint job, you could sand the parts a bit, spray some more paint on it and repeat the process until you are happy with the result.
      Bummer that it happened…! Good luck with it!

      • so i have to prime it with tamiyas since im using tamiya paints but after that i still have to resand it but wouldnt that create a more scratchy rough surface though??

        • If you are using the Tamiya acrylics, you can’t prime your parts with Tamiya Primer spray cans, nor the Tamiya Surface Primer which comes in a bottle. Both are lacquers and will ruin your messed up paint job even more!
          There are two options for you, one being that you use some more paint to thicken the surface and then sand it smooth, the other is to remove the paint so you can use a lacquer based primer.
          Of course, if you used Tamiya spray cans paints, you can prime on top of them, as they are lacquer based too.
          When sanding the surface down, you will create new scratches, but how visible they are is up to the grid sandpaper you use. For example, a 400 grid sandpaper will leave visible scratches, as a 1000 grid won’t.
          You’ll have to recall which grid sandpaper you have used as your last step and work your way up in terms of grid count, take steps of 100 to 200 grid count up. So when you used 400, now use 600, 800 and then 1000. If there isn’t an exact sandpaper grid available to you that I mentioned, that doesn’t matter, as long as it is in the same ballpark

    • Right now i already stripped off the original paint for the tamiya primer so all i have to do is prime it up then check for scratched surfaces then sand it n then re prime n then paint?

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    recently i picked up the unicorn gundam code 852 version
    even though it is a stunningly beutiful kit, its not undergated so obviously i want to at least hide the nub marks alittle bit by adding a dash of gold on the nubs but my problem is what kind of gold would be close to the gold they have on the unicorn???

    • I’ve looked up some pictures of the “Hong Kong” Ver.Ka. Unicorn and it looks like a very light “gold” plating.
      I would try a dot of silver and a tiny drop of clear yellow, not the normal mix of yellow and orange.
      Before i knew of this mix, I used normal clear yellow on top of silver and it turned out really light instead of a, if you will, deeper yellow/gold. Try it out on a piece of plaplate or a runner and see how it compares to the lighter gold on the kit.

    • It looks similar to the gold on the Hyaku Shiki, maybe you could try to flat coat some regular Tamiya Gold leaf or Gold gundam Marker on a spare piece or empty runner from the 852, then see how the close the golds look.

      • Actually @teetee580 the gold is darker than u think its more of a hyaku shiki gold i thought that too when i saw it but i was wrong
        Although trying it on the runner or something is a good idea to do thanks guys

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    ok i decaled my hi nu painted it up gloss coated it and then finally i flat coated it and then all of a sudden it started frosting the entire model the decal on the head is completely gone thank god i only painted up the head piece with it help pls im so mad

    • Did you allow the gloss coat to completely cure before putting on the flat coat? What kind of gloss and flat did you use (laquer, acrylic?) Did you spray outside in the cold?

      • yea i did its tamiya acrylic and i used an airbrush and i sprayed a coat of it
        and i did it in the house at night

        • I had the same problem with my MG Destiny. The flat coat was the worst of the two. It even happened with the gloss acrylic from Tamiya.
          I did some searching on the web back then.
          For the gloss it’s advised to spray two fogged layers and one final all covering one with a minimum of twelve minutes between coats. But it didn’t work for me. I sprayed the first coat as advised in preparation for decals. The second coat I did it first the way it’s advised, and it fogged up, the second time I sprayed on on covering coat and it still fogged up. This was also a gloss coat, same as the first layer.
          I was able to polish it out and used Turtle Wax to get the gloss back.
          The peculiar thing is, it didn’t fog up the entire piece…..
          Maybe this is also the M.O. for the flat clear, but I had no luck with it either. Turned out really foggy.
          In any case, I keep away from the Tamiya clear acrylics all together.
          But maybe you can polish the pieces too. And it has nothing to do with moisture in my case, as it was mid summer and we had a dry period over here at the time.
          Good luck with it

          • well what happend was i used the tamiya and it frosted up the entire head i used future for gloss coat and that didnt do any dmg but the tamiya destroyed my kit can i ask what kind of flat coat do u use i was thinking maybe i should use modelmaster but better safe than sorry i suppose

            • In threw the Tamiya in the trash and ordered Alclad II Klear Kote Matte. Didn’t had any trouble with it so far, but only used it ones on a model plane a few weeks back. But keep in mind, this is an enamel based clear, regardless of what the brand name implies.
              There are some people that state that the Tamiya matte (X-21 if I recall correctly) is only for mixing with a gloss color to make it flat. Others say it dilutes and sprays fine without any trouble….
              But with all the trouble in the past, I keep away from it as far as I can.
              Don’t know if you used the acrylic bottles, or a spray can (but aren’t those all lacquers…?) but it could be a reaction to the Future?
              Sorry, but haven’t any experience with the Modelmaster range. But my guess is, that if you use a flat and gloss clear from the same brand and type, there shouldn’t be any reaction between the two.
              As you did your spraying indoors, problems due to moisture are out of the equation.
              By the way, as I’ve seen on YouTube, isn’t Future dilutable with mineral spirits, making it an enamel based product. I found out recently that enamels can be ruined by alcohol, so I’m leaning towards a reaction between the both….
              Hope this gibberish is of some help. Good luck

            • well from what i read it said on pledge future it is acrylic so dik but about the flat coat is that flat coat the same one u used on ur hi nu also and did u just lightly spray it or how so

    • mind if I share what I did with my MG Nu Gundam, after painting, I used flat coat first for paint protection. And thats the only thing that I flat coat it. Then panel lining then seal with clear coat (not gloss coat), then decals(water) seal with clear coat then all the way clear coat and it still look flat and I’m satisfied. Also, don’t paint during the night if possible because even in construction (painting a house) we don’t recommend painting even in the afternoon, unless you have like a machine that can regulate temperature like how cars being painted.

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    is it a bad idea to spray gloss coat and flat coats in 32 degree weather lol thinking bout doin it but i dont wanna have it frost u no like after painting

    • I take it that is Fahrenheit…? We don’t all live in the US…. As long as the humidity isn’t above 70 percent you should be fine. Just takes longer to dry and cure

    • That’s actually not a good idea, as that’s freezing. I suggest finding an indoor area that you can keep above 40 degrees. under 40 degrees, and the paint can start to crystalize, and fracture, and even freeze. If you are going to do it, I suggest you keep the cans indoors, go out, spray the spray the part, and the immediately take the part inside to dry. But i still suggest that you find some way spray indoors, like in a garage.

      • That’s what I figured, that he is only going to paint it outside. Normally a lacquer starts to dry and cure as it is sprayed.
        And any paint will start to shift when it is kept in a freezing condition. This is stated on the cans and bottles in most cases.

        • well i have an airbrush so i figured wait i have a hi nu i just got for christmas and i have a week and a half break so y not paint it up and make it look damm ass nice u no wht im saying anyways if u live in the us do u no where i can get that pldege future stuff cant find it in shoprite didnt check walmart though i set up my airbrush in my room but i leave the house at 69 but opeining up the windows while painting is gunna make the room cold

          • I can get it here, even in the Netherlands in the bigger grocery shop. And as Walmart is a really big one, my guess is, you can get it there.
            If not, you could always try online. You might even find it cheaper there.
            As for spraying with the window open, as long as you have the heater on and the temperature doesn’t drop below freezing, you will be fine. The paint only takes longer to dry if you leave the window open after spraying.
            On the other hand, when painting in such conditions, you won’t get as much of dry tip as in hotter conditions.
            Anyways, it will be of no problems, but keep in mind, as the paint takes longer to dry, be careful not to put too many coats on at once. You might get sags due to the paint not drying and curing as fast as you’re used to

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    does anyone no how to cancel a payment on a preorder for gentei kits idk how is it just return for order because im trying but it wont

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