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    1/144 Takemikazuchi Type-00A – fully painted, this kit requires a fair amount of masking and detailed brush painting, it’s actually harder than making an MG in my opinion.
    • Totally awesome splatter paint job!

    • Did you install an LED in the head as well? it really pops in this picture. Great work, this looks astounding!

    • thanks 🙂 wasted so much red and black paint during the process

    • It was a tiny spot of gaia fluorescent paint, so a composite picture that stacked a normal photo, and another photo with UV light shined on it to reflect the blue light. 1/144 Takemikazuchi doesn’t have too much room for even a 1.5mm LED.

    • wow great effort on a 1/144 kit , I prefer the none scale which is 1/100 i believe

    • ya 1/144 is quite difficult with many parts requiring reverse wash and small spots to hand painting, the shoulder, stomach, fists, feet and waist section came entirely white so had to do a lot of reverse wash like sinanju gold trims.

    • omg, i love the blood-stained/spattered effect from cutting up BETAs!!!

    • ha ya it’s a no-return process, if u fail u repaint the whole piece