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    After a few moths debating, finally got the main colour figured out, now the cleaning, sanding and such can begin. The inner frame is done, added some Builders Parts verniers painted in Alclad Stainless Steel and Alclad Pale Gold. The frame itself is painted with an automotive gunmetal-like colour and has some details painted in with different enamel “metal” colours.
    The colour for the main armour will be a surprise. One hint, it needs a gloss black base 😉
    • teetee, that frame is looking pretty sweet and the contrast with the gold thrusters makes it even better. Do you prime when you paint the internal frames?
      I also got those verniers from the builders parts. Really like where you placed them. Cant wait to see how the whole build turns out.

    • Thanks! 😀

      I do prime the frame before painting, using Alclad’s primer. As I dry-fit the joints, I see where a layer of paint might get too thick and sand the parts that would rub against each other. This wat moving the joints won’t scratch the paint up. I used a few primers and this is the only way to making sure there will be no paint rubbing against plastic. I also do this for certain armour panels.

      The verniers are mostly 1/144 ones as strange as it might sound. The Sinanju has tons of little verniers. There are only 4 1/100 on there (the ones in the backpack). The two middle ones on the backpack are the ones that come with the kit. Even the 1/100 verniers where too small.
      I just placed the where the original on the kit where. Just sawed off the ball joints and glued the ball joints provided with the verniers in their place.

      Might take a few weeks maybe a few months to get the paint in all its layers how I want them, but the test pieces looked awesome (has nothing to do with my skills and everything with the paints). And to tell you the truth, I can’t wait to see it too, as I’m not looking forward in all that sanding, so seeing it would mean I’m done with all that, LOL

    • looking nice im working on its predecessor as of now the sinanju stein but nothing shiney just major kitbashing n detailing

    • Thank you very much!